Coming up in this blog, a story that will help you sell more in 2019. But first…..


Have you ever been in that situation where everything is tickety boo, everything is falling into place, you are walking round with a permanent grin, a few savings in the bank, and you are making BIG exciting plans for the future.


And then BOOM.


Something comes in from the side that you didn’t see and knocks you off your feet and transforms your life in an instant?


Ever had that?


Several times right?


I’ve got something for you that can help you profit from that in a mo.


The last time it happened to me was September 2014, I was happy, happy, happy, planning my summer wedding, we had three successful businesses between us, we’d just taken a family holiday with my two sons and then from nowhere something happened and I lost that life in an instant.


One minute I loved him and the next minute I didn’t. As fast as that.


I walked away from my partner and our businesses and had to start again on my own. It was terrifying.


Obviously I lived to tell the tale, I don’t like to talk about it too much because as my sister says “there’s no future in the past” but there are lessons to be learned and I love to share those little pearls of wisdom that come along.


So what did I do?


I travelled the world to escape and worked night and day on just my business, instead of his or our joint venture, and I ended up creating something that I absolutely love doing and a new, less stressful, happy life.


By losing everything, my fiancé, my business and my dreams for the future I gained a whole new perspective on life, a sense of adventure and a business I love working in every goddam day.


So What’s your story?


When did you last get knocked off your feet?


How did your company start?


What has happened to you to set you off on a whole different path?


A couple of years ago now  I spent the day with the granddaddy of screenwriting Robert McKee – I studied him back in the 90’s when I was working as a scriptwriter.


It was like going back to school and revising all the theory behind a story. All the twists and turns and conflicts that come along to make it enthralling.


When you are trying to sell your services or products what is the story behind it?


Have you even considered that?


Are you telling your story to reach your audience? To connect with them?


It’s often the little things that help you make a connection. It doesn’t have to be an epic tale of adventure. Just something that your audience can identify with. Like being on holiday when everything is perfect and then life gets turned upside down in a split second.


Look at the Christmas ads on TV right now. Have you seen the Sainsbury’s ad with the little girl in the nativity play who is the golden star, centre stage?


She starts off with stage fright and is so quiet we can hardly hear her. As her confidence builds when she sees her mum in the audience and her voice gets louder and louder we are all cheering her on from the seats in our living room, and probably filling up too if you’re anything like me.


Why? Because we all recognise that little girl. We’ve either been in her shoes or we’ve been watching  a friend from the sidelines or we’ve been in the audience willing our own children on. We know EXACTLY how she’s feeling and we want her to do well.


Now, have you seen the John Lewis ad? It’s kind of missed the mark this year with Elton John and I can tell you exactly why.


None of us have ever been in his shoes. His life is so detached from ours that we have trouble connecting with him.


He’s one of the world’s top performers worth millions and even though he came from humble beginnings I don’t think many of us have hundreds of pounds to spend on one gift for one child.


It’s a disconnect because we can’t identify with him. He is so far removed from our everyday lives. We’ve never experienced performing to thousands of people all over the world, being a national treasure, or being THAT famous.


Just something for you to think about as you plan your social media and sales copy over the next few weeks.


What story will you tell your audience about so they can identify with you?


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