I’ve been trying to have a digital detox this weekend but let’s face it this is me, and it’s freaking impossible.


So I’ve been lolling around reading actual physical magazines, you know the kind that you hold in your actual hands and don’t just read online. I had to go to a shop, pluck it from the shelf and pop it into my basket. It was all part of my master plan to avoid the internet.


It’s been a while since I paid for a magazine as I normally get everything I need online and it took me a good 5 minutes to spot the very small writing with the price hidden in the very small barcode at the corner. Anyway after I’d done choking at the £9.99 that was staring back at me I convinced myself it would do more for me than the scented candle I was also planning on buying. This would be my entertainment and relaxation all rolled into one during this digital detox weekend. Go Me! The magazine is called Project Calm (aptly named) and it’s full of craft ideas and inspiration around mindfulness.


I got right up to page 48 before the internet started calling me. I was reading an article all about Rise Up And Rebel – funnily enough it starts with the words “social media is a double edged sword” no kidding!! Of course I had to read on. It was talking about The Rebel Woman’s Club created by Allison Sadler co-founder of People Shop and various hashtags including #freeupmyinsta. She has an Instagram feed and a blog described as “an inclusive and empowering platform giving you the freedom and confidence to be fearlessly you.”


How could I resist? Those words alone are like Pandora’s Box slowly lifting it’s lid and showing me all the bright shiny lights inside. Of course I reached straight for my phone like a crack addict staring at freshly laid lines on a marble coffee table.I can’t resist that kind of temptation (the women’s group, not the crack) but you get my drift? I light up my phone and begin my search heading straight for Instagram and THERE SHE IS.


The Rebel Woman’s Club with a beautifully branded symmetrical feed and my kind of vibe. I am in Insta Heaven.I immediately message my BFF Hanni Martinii over in Malaga because this is right up her street too. Next I hop on over to the creator’s page Allison and her pictures are SO beautiful, like a Christmas card right now.Her bio starts with “Bossin Life My Way. No Rules.” And now I find myself signing up to her emails and following all the other suggested accounts.


Do I feel guilty that I’ve broken my digital detox? Nope. It was totally worth it.


What I did find interesting though is how the real world and the online world have blended. How traditional media and social media are intertwined now cross-promoting each platform.


And this isn’t the first time I’ve been cross-promoted to like this this week. And again it was with magazines.


So I’m a big fan of Podcasts and was listening to Emma Gannon’s Cntrl, Alt Deletewith Pandora Sykes and she was talking about two magazines that she writes for The Cut and The New Yorker. Off I went again, down my rabbit hole checking them both out.


So back to my failingdigital detox,even though I am trying really hardand had such good intentions at the start of the weekend.


I’m about half way through the magazine and it’s already opened up a whole new world to me, gifted me this blog, and kept me entertained for hours. Once I’m done with it I’ll pass it onto my mum or my neighbour.

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On Sunday I found myself making booklets and buying a calligraphy set.


So I think it was worth the £9.99 and will last a whole lot longer than the scented candle  I was going to buy.

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