I love a fitness event. Do you love a fitness event? I love everything about them, from being in a packed room learning brand new stuff, to chatting to people during the breaks and making friends for life on the nights out.


There aren’t enough fitness events in the UK, we definitely need more, and my friend Justine Devonshire is starting the ball rolling for 2019 with the first of many he has planned. And guess who is talking? Yep me!!!! And my very good friend Simon Hall.


This first event is kicking everything off in style and the focus is on how we can escape that good old time for money trap. It’s something I advocate, practice and teach and I’m happy to share my take on it on this day.


Justin is going to show you how to get 5-10 quality leads a day from Facebook using his fool proof system.


I’ll be showing you how to become the go-to expert in your town and more importantly how to leverage that on social media to ATTRACT an audience for your products/services.


Simon is going to talk about the lessons learned from growing a team of coaches to help you get more productive.


Oh did I mention the event is FREE to the first 60 people who sign up.

Fitness Event

It’s happening in London on January 19th so as soon as I arrive back from Tenerife I’ll be hopping on a train and hopefully seeing you there in our beautiful capital city.


I’m really looking forward to this event. All three of us bring something very different to the room and I think it will be a room packed with excitement, positivity and buzz as we head off on our new adventure of 2019 together.


Let me know if you book on and we’ll arrange a Big Me Up meet up during the day.


Click the link above for all the details.

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