I hadn’t planned on writing a blog on New Year’s Day, especially as I know you’ll be getting bombarded with preachy emails and messages about how to live your best life and be the best version of you and all that jazz.


But I felt compelled to pull out my dying MacBook, remind you of a few things we got through in 2018, pat ourselves on the back and then look forward.


Is that ok with you?


First off, we survived GDPR. Remember that? Remember how stressful it was? We got through it together and lived to fight another day.


We also survived Brexit, although that one is still raging on, but we will get through the changes to come and come out the other side.


I can’t even remember how many times social media changed last year. I do remember one day there were 5 big changes to Instagram alone.


There was the whole debacle about Cambridge Analytica and data and Facebook. And yes, it had a knock-on effect as lots of people left the platform but we’re still there with our groups and our pages and profiles.


In other words, the world threw a lot at us in 2018 and we kept dodging the obstacles, jumping over them, knocking them down, taking a quick side turn out of the way.  WE DID IT and although it was a bumpy road at times, we lived to fight another day.


Let’s just stop for a moment and congratulate ourselves for being in business and living life the way we do. We might not work for a boss but there’s still stresses and strains, twists and turns that come along and boss us around.


We navigate the changes, the political environment, the social environment, our own environment and we stand tall and proud at the end of today. Congratulations Yvonne on an awesome 2018.


Who knows what challenges 2019 will bring. None of us really do and that’s what makes this entrepreneurial journey so much fun.


So, as we head into 2019, I have a couple of suggestions to help you map your year. Nothing too heavy. We don’t want to answer an essay of questions it is still party season after all. Just a few pointers to get you thinking.


1: Look at who helped you last year and stick with them. It might’ve been a friend, it could’ve been a competitor who gave you your fire, it could’ve been a family member who offered support. Keep them close this year.


[Mine was my friend Bev who actually works in finance, she can see the political and financial landscape and runs her own business too. When I talk to Bev about business, she just gets it, the big picture and the micro picture of our own business landscape. She helps me navigate and for that I am truly grateful)


2: What was the ONE THING you did last year that brought in lots of sales. Keep doing that until it stops working.


(Getting in a room with people was the number one way we made sales last year at our own events and attending other events too. We plan to do even more this year)


3: Where was the one place you loved to visit? Go back and discover it some more.


(Every year in January I head off to Tenerife with my son Robert who works with me. It recharges me for the year and gives me time to reflect and plan. I think I will always go away at this time of year to prepare for what is to come)


4: What change, big or small did you make last year that had an impact. Keep doing that.


(Meditation was one small change I made this year that has had a massive impact on my health. I’m sleeping better, I’m losing weight and I’m thinking clearer. Taking time out each day to slow my breathing down and fall into the gaps of silence is transforming me mentally and physically and I think It’s a practice I’ll keep forever. I use Deepak Chopra’s meditations)


That’s it. My mini round up of the year and a few questions to get you thinking about your 2019.


I have lots of exciting things coming up next year and I’ll share more about that on Wednesday but if you want to work with me there are a couple of ways you can do that.


1: Dream Life Academy will be OPEN again in August and you can get on the Wait List HERE


2: You can come to Paris with me and The Dreamies for my Instagram Workshop.


3: You can spend a VIP Day with me, just me and you going over your business in detail and getting you where you want to be. This is half my normal price as I haven’t got around to changing my Black Friday Offer.


I look forward to guiding you around the twists and turns that come our way next year.


For me, it’s all about #words as I’m writing my book and planning lots of writing workshops and retreats.


I’m also going back to my roots and doing a lot of copy writing for private clients who want help with their sales copy in 2019. They see that the old tactics don’t work anymore and need help with the Millennial mind shift.


Obviously, I will be passing a lot of writing tips your way for your sales and your blogs and your social media posts.


There’re so many exciting times ahead for the fitness, health and wellness world. Let’s ride it out together!

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