Do you ever wonder if you could be working smarter not harder?


What things need to be put in place so you don’t keep running around in circles wasting time doing the same things over and over again when you could be relaxing or spending time with the family.


One person I know who is an expert at implementing systems into his businesses is Justin Devonshire and that’s why I had to get him on my latest Podcast episode to share his top 3 tips with us.


He is at the cutting edge when it comes to systems and he’s a thought leader when it comes to fitness industry trends too, in fact he’s just written a whole blueprint on what’s to come and at the end of this show he gives us some of his predictions for the future.


I also talk about his home life and how he got to become a Fitness Business Entrepreneur living the dream out in Cyprus – what happened when he got an emergency call one night from back home in Wales and had to drop everything – and how he rebuilt it all back and then some.


I hope you find time to have a listen today or this weekend. Enjoy.

Listen Here

Yvonne “love sharing good ideas” Radley

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