When I first started coaching in the fitness health and wellness sector I mainly taught media to help people raise their profiles and get more clients. This was around 2012 when social Media was really booming too and so as well as teaching traditional media I added social to the mix and showed people how to leverage both.


Trouble was, when I looked at peoples websites as a journalist would look at them. I was horrified in most cases. They weren’t up to date, often had pictures of church halls or community centres on the front and there was no branding or vibe about who they were and what they stood for. And so I added that to the mix too.


Over the years I honed my craft and realised what people needed to focus on in this new fast paced world to get seen and to get your message across.


How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?


My business has evolved along with me and this new world we find ourselves in and I now concentrate on four pillars inside my signature program (which opens up again in August) Business is pillar One and I do things a little woo woo with mood boards and deadlines.


Next is Media the module we’re currently working through. The guys are learning how to pitch for radio interviews this week.


After that we get into Story and how you show up in the world and finally we get to the piece de resistance Branding which ties everything together in a beautiful bow.


Do you ever think about Business – Media – Story and Branding when it comes to business?

All this week I’m going to be talking about these four elements so mak sure you subscribe . And if you want to get on the Wait List for the Academy in August then go to Dream Life Academy Wait List

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