What are your branded colours? Do you know? Have you ever figured it out?


And if so, is your branding consistent from your website to your graphics to the car that you drive and the clothes that you wear.


Yep I really do take it THAT far!!


And you should too. Imagine if Victoria Beckham rocked up in a Florence and Fred jumpsuit (not that there’s anything wrong with a bit of Tesco) but we’re so used to seeing her in designer wear, including her own, that it would be off brand.


A disconnect.


Imagine Gucci advertising in a glossy magazine with a “Buy Now” bright orange star shaped sticker that you would usually see in somewhere like Asda. Again it’s a disconnect. It would be off.


We notice very quickly when something is off-brand and it gives us a red flag or a funny feeling in the pit of our stomach.


As consumers we are very savvy nowadays and your consumers are too.


So what kind of brand or voice or vibe are you giving off. Are you connecting with your clients or is there a disconnect?


What is the language you are using? If you are trying to be a high end brand then don’t talk about discounts and buy now features.


What are the visuals? Do they match. If you are a high end brand your photographs should be professional and bespoke not stock images or worse, taken from Google.


What are the colours? Do your colours say bargain basement or chic?


Are you connecting the dots and delivering your message in a coherent way or is something off?


If it’s off you will be finding it difficult to get people to hear your message and to sell your products. Are you struggling to get noticed?


Branding is a whole section we cover inside The Dream Life Academy and we go very deep on it. It’s a really fun module to work through. These are just a few of the basics you need to get right when it comes to the market place.


If you want to take your branding to the next level this year then get your name of the Wait List for DLA 2019 OR if you can’t wait til then I have ONE SPOT open for 121 Coaching right now where I can walk you through the process. Hit REPLY and ping me a message if you’d like to know more or if you have a particular project you’d like me to help you with.


I’ve helped many fitness, health and wellness professionals take their business to the next level, enjoy sell out launches or raise their profile by getting in the media. You could be next Yvonne.


Yvonne “all about the Big Me Up brand” Radley



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