Do you blog? Write a newsletter? Send an email? It’s all the same. What I’m really asking is are you communicating with your audience regularly?


Whether you are or you’re not these 3 keys I’m about to give you will have your readers opening your messages all the time, maybe even looking out for your next one with excitement to see what you’re about to share with them.


Blogging, or writing to your customers via newsletter, and having it land in their in-tray is a very personal way of communicating with them and in my opinion one of the most powerful.


People are fed up of being bombarded with messages online 24/7 we even have bots popping into our private message boxes now and it’s not about to stop anytime soon. It’s just a state we find ourselves in. We are so used to seeing ads pop up everywhere in front of our eyes that we almost don’t see them. In communication terms this is called “noise” it’s a bit like living next to a train track or on a flight path. At first, we noticed the sound of the trains and the planes but eventually we become used to it and don’t hear it at all.


You can cut through the “noise” very simply just by reaching out and speaking to people one on one like this email. I’m only talking to you right now Yvonne and you are only listening to me. Hopefully you like what you hear, and my emails are helping you. One day you may buy one of my products to help you further.


Ok now I’ve explained WHY blogging is so important in marketing your business in 2019 let’s cut to the chase and give you the 3 keys to a successful blog.


1: You need a good subject line or headline to get people interested in what you have to say. Most people write about themselves, but you always need to have the reader in mind and write about them. Have a look back at some of your own headlines. Are you speaking to them, are you grabbing their interest? Do your headline hint that you can help them in some way.


2: You need a hook and we put that in the second paragraph. Take a look back at my second paragraph and see how I keep you reading by making a promise by teasing what’s to come. Most people will read the first paragraph and then probably leave but the trick is to keep them hooked.


3: My 4-step layer formula. Most people, especially in the fitness and wellness world, use their blogs and newsletters to educate their audience and that’s great BUT to keep them interested in opening them up you need to switch it up. I call this my Radley 4-Step Formula. So don’t just educate (it gets boring) you also want to ENTERTAIN with a funny story now and then or video, INSPIRE them with a presentation or video or just your words, finally CHALLENGE them in some way, it could be a physical challenge like drinking more water or staying off social media over the weekend or you could challenge them to think about something in a different way.


This blog I’m writing to you is a challenge blog. I’m challenging YOU to think differently about how you’re communicating with your audience, it could also be an inspirational one if I inspire you to do something about it.


How are you going to change-up your blogs? Let me know in the comments section x

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