We’re always trying to second guess Facebook aren’t we and try to come up ideas and posts that will take us back to the glory days of 2010 when everybody seemed to see what we were posting.


Coming up I have a few ideas for you. Things that have been working for me recently and things that my peers in the marketing world say we should and shouldn’t be doing.


But before we get onto that did you know that Stories are growing 15x faster than feed content? Remember I told you that the powers that be are planning to get rid of the Facebook feed. Well increasing the visibility of Stories and making them more of a priority is one step closer.


Facebook Business Pages now let you share and archive stories to highlights just like Instagram. It’s the future.


However, I realise a lot of you are die hard fans who love Facebook’s feed and so you want to know what’s working and what’s not on there right now. So here are my thoughts.


1: Long form written posts!!!

I know right, you thought I was going to say video didn’t you? But no, these still perform really well on Facebook in fact recently I had a blog which I shared as a long form post which had 108 shares. I’ve never had a post that performed so well.


Why not try posting some of your blogs to your profile or business page and see what happens. When you write a lot of text Facebook automatically puts the see more…. button which people have to click to read on. This is fantastic for giving you brownie points (or Facebook points) and the algorithm sees that as good engagement and starts pushing your post out to more people. Awesome!!


If you have written something controversial or something that invites comments and opens up a discussion and people start commenting then once again you start picking up points and your post gets another boost and more and more people will see it.


Try it this week and let me know what happens. I did use pictures with my post too and the subject was controversial (all about how Theresa May and Lady Gaga were being portrayed negatively in the media) and it resonated with my audience.


2: Video or Lives.

This is where a lot of the action is nowadays. Facebook is moving more and more towards content that reflects reality and so seeing people live or on video so we can engage in real life is being favoured by the algorithm. It’s all about connecting in real time and being authentic. Do you ever go LIVE on your page, profile or group? I do a lot of it on Instagram and need to do more on Facebook. Why not try a weekly show where you rock up every week at the same time just like a TV program. I’ve been doing this over on Instagram on Mondays at 4pm and need to do it more on FB. What do you talk about? Whatever it is you blogged about that week. No need to create new content.


Okay now onto what’s NOT working on Facebook anymore.


1: Links to “competitors” channels

For example, YouTube videos on the whole won’t get pushed out and I’ve noticed a lot of my Eventbrite events get taken down. They want you to use their own video and event platforms instead.


2: Short form status updates

Just writing or writing with a picture don’t tend to grab the reader’s attention nowadays.


3: Links

anything that takes you away from Facebook.


Facebook are all about keeping you on the platform, keeping you reading, keeping you talking, keeping you watching.


I hope those little insights help you to navigate this ever-changing platform a little easier.


I have noticed a massive upsurge in engagement on my Profile recently and so I think FB is FINALLY doing what it said it would do and is showing us to more family and friends which is great if you are a small business like us because a lot of our clients are actually our friends too.


Yvonne “loves Instagram way more than Facebook nowadays” Radley


Let me know how your Facebook page is doing in the comments

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