Over the past few weeks I’ve had lots messages and conversations about Mrs. Hinch aka Sophie Hinchliffe the Instagram sensation who’s very quickly got over 2 MILLION followers. How has she done it you all ask?


Well when you take a closer look at her account you can see some of the smart moves she’s made and the good news is…. you can do them too.


  1. She shows up every day on Instagram Stories and shares her expert daily tips.
  2. She stays in her lane on her feed and talks about her home.
  3. She sticks to her colour palette.
  4. She includes herself in her feed and stories
  5. She sticks to her themes – Cleaning – Family – Anxiety – Audience – Home Life
  6. She has her own hashtags
  7. Her personality shines through even in her bio
  8. She provides content for others not for herself
  9. She is entertaining
  10. There is an underlying, deeper message surrounding a bigger issue around anxiety that she openly talks about
  11. She named her crowd – Hinchers and Hinch Army
  12. She created a movement.

Can you honestly say, hand on heart  that you have done the same on your Instagram account? Are you doing all of the above every day?


Now admittedly she has the X-Factor going on. There are other cleaning accounts out there that have been going a lot longer than hers and have good numbers but nothing like Mrs. Hinch. And so her personality and back-story play a part in this narrative.


She’s very likeable. Very honest and open. Has a lovely relationship with her husband and Henry the Dog. Suffers with anxiety and in the past,  she had issues with her body too and had complications with a gastric band which she talks openly about in her book.


But you can definitely learn from her and do all the things she’s done that are listed above. If you’ve ever done any of my Instagram Training you’ll know the importance of picking your themes and sub-themes and concentrating on them. It really does help you to get seen and heard.


What you don’t want to do – and what I’ve already seen lots of people doing – is start doing exactly what Mrs. Hinch does.


Don’t suddenly decorate your home in grey and white and showing us your Hinch Hauls. Don’t change your dogs name to Henry. Leave the Zoflora bottle in the cupboard.


And please don’t come on to Stories giving us YOUR cleaning tips – why would you even do that?


Instead, figure out your themes. What should YOU be talking about every day. What is YOUR expertise? Are you sharing daily tips or going live to share them with your audience?


What are YOUR hashtags – mine are #bigmeup and #dreamlife if you search them on Instagram you will see some of my posts pop up.


What is YOUR colour palette, let your feed reflect that.


Instagram is not just a mix of coloured squares, it’s a place where you can build a true, authentic following of people keen to tune in with you every day and find out what you’re up to.


I predict now that Instagram will be far bigger than Facebook ever was and it’s still early days so there’s plenty of time to become an influencer big or small over there. Stories is the way forward when it comes to modern day marketing and you will see the Facebook feed disappear over time and be replaced with this disappearing real life content. It’s the future and you can learn how to run with it.

Will you be doing any of these steps in your Insta? Let us know x

Yvonne “it’s all about the Stories” Radley.

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