Okay you guys, you know how I love to keep you updated with what’s going on in the media world so can stay up to date and grow your business so today I’m going to dive into some of the major changes announced by Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 Facebook conference last week.


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Where do we start!! Today I’m focusing on Facebook and will write later in the week about Instagram, WhatsApp, Dating (can’t wait for that) and Portal (oh yes think Alexa with video, coming next year I think).


Ok let’s look at Facebook today – what do you think to the new feed? LOOK HOW BIG STORIES ARE. There is no getting away from it guys Facebook wants you to start using them and Zucks even said they are the future, Stories are growing 15x faster than the feed content – worth knowing if you’re trying to sell and build relationships on the platform.


They really love ephemeral content, content that disappears after a short space of time and doesn’t hang around, like Stories which are only up for 24 hours and then they’re gone. You may ask why? And it’s simple really, they want us interacting much more like real life. We don’t save our conversations with our friends do we. Our database would get very full very quickly if we did.


Instagram (did you know they are owned by Facebook?) is the leader when it comes to Stories with 500 million daily users. But Facebook and Messenger together now also attract 500 million daily users.


It really is the future and so if you haven’t had a go yet or you’re still avoiding Instagram maybe think about finding out more. It doesn’t have to be scary. In fact it’s a lot of fun AND you don’t have to go on camera if you don’t want to there’s lots you can do without ever going on yourself – I’ll organise another Instagram Stories Workshop soon and let you know so you can learn about this in more detail and get some real-time practice in with me holding your hand until you’re ready to go solo.


Facebook realise how powerful this feature is and that’s why they are giving it such prominence on the new feed. Remember I told you the Facebook feed is disappearing well this is the start. Facebook ran out of ad space a long time ago and so they need to create new places for you to go where they can place their ads, Stories is one of those places.

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Ok, so what else is new?

I mean there is a lot to talk about, For example,


A new lead generation template in ads manager (very useful)


They’re also going after Appointment apps too and giving you a Booking system inside Messenger.


Groups get a new prominent position which I saw this week, have you had the update? Instead of just seeing you groups now you actually get to see the latest post which should entice people to visit more.


Boosted posts are also coming to groups and I’ve heard some unconfirmed rumours about custom audiences coming to groups too (wowsers)


Plus finally you’re going to be able to share your Facebook Posts to multiple groups all at one time rather than having to go in and out to share to all your groups.


There’s job groups.


Health and wellness Groups. (Hello, this one we like and they’re introducing some very useful features that will benefit those who work with clients).


And Buy and Sell groups where you’ll soon be able to sell direct from a live. (Imagine that)


As you can see they’re really putting a lot of emphasis on groups and want to give us the opportunity to use them to our full advantage to grow our businesses. There’s so many opportunities for us when it comes to these changes and if you’re in The Dream Life Academy I’m going LIVE on Tuesday with a full roundup of how you can use these features.


If you are not in the Academy but would like to get on the Wait List for this summer (doors open in July)  then click this link, scroll down a little way and sign up in the box next to last year’s sold out sign and I’ll send you a special recording too packed full of ideas and additional info.




One more exciting thing I need to tell you about before I go is a new feature on your Facebook Page. Pretty soon you’re going to get a Subscription Button asking fans of your work to donate, just how Patreon works. This will be awesome to help fund Pages who provide a great service to keep delivering great content.


Let me know which of these changes you’re most excited about. Email me back, come find me on Instagram (Big Me Up Media) or tweet me @yvonneradley I love getting feedback from you guys so that I know I’m helping you.


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