Can you see yourself in this picture?

Trust me this could be you. These are all fitness professionals who’ve bigged themselves up in the media and put themselves out there.

A pretty scary thing to do I’m sure you’ll agree. But they had a dream and they took a leap of faith.

I’m going to let you into a little secret in a minute, something that my surprise and help you….

Karen Austin was in the Metro talking about another crazy diet. This time it’s tomatoes, love how she always gets asked to comment on these fads. She’s constantly quoted in the national press.

What does it do for your business when you are constantly in the national media?

Well Karen says her clients were amazed when they saw her in Glamour Magazine a few years ago now “Oh we just thought you were an ordinary instructor, we didn’t know you were a bit of a celebrity yourself.” They said. They were impressed that their coach was the one who kept getting in the Daily Mirror, Cosmopolitan and this week The Metro to name but a few.

What do you think that does for her retention rates? Why would clients leave her to go and train with others down the road who are not seen as an expert, they wouldn’t.

What does it do for attracting new clients? It’s a great talking point when clients come into your studio, especially if your front pages of the magazines are up on the wall in the reception area or the magazine logos are featured prominently on your website and sales pages.

It makes the sale so much easier because there is an element of trust already in place.

See how getting in the media (local or national) can make you a voice of authority?

I’m about to tell you the secret. Something PR agencies would never tell you.

But let me also mention the other women pictured here.

Polly Hale bagged a double page spread in ‘That’s Life’ magazine that came out today and she’s a regular on Sky TV too,

Anita Lobban will be interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester talking about starting her new Pilates studio at an age when most people are thinking of retiring.

And Cristina Alciati followed our advice on how to get in the press and this month she is in an Australian blog and magazine.

Ok the secret is that getting press like this is really easy. Much easier than you imagine. You just have to know who to contact, and what makes a good story.

Then you put it all together in a press release format along with your editor’s notes and email it off in the body of the email NOT as an attachment.

Sounds too simple? Trust me. These guys did all the steps above and look where they ended up.

If you would really like my help to put you in the picture next month then why not think about joining Media School which is on currently on offer  at just £9.99/month.

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