When it comes to you and your business what are your dreams?
What are you hoping for?
Have you ever sat down and written it all down on paper?
Imagined what your day would look like?
How many hours you would work, who you would spend your time with, the amount of money in your bank account?
It’s a great exercise to do and it’s what we do in The Dream Life Academy at the start of a new term. We even review it every 90 days because, well, life happens and we need to check in with ourselves.
Some people like to write it out on good old fashioned pen and papers, others have a cork board in the office filled with pictures and some go onto Pinterest and pin away.
We love a little bit of woo woo Yvonne but we also love a deadline and an action plan. We even have Accountability buddies inside the program to help us stay on track and check in with us every month.
And when you have a great Eco-system like that along with great training modules showing you step by step what you can achieve, well it makes anything and everything attainable.
This just happened today. I woke up and went into The Office (our virtual meeting place) to find Zoe McNulty has been featured in The Sun newspaper raving about her School of Strut classes.
Pamela Windle wanted to reach a wider audience with her amazing training and was thrilled when she got a massive gig with a big brand after they spotted her on Instagram doing her thing. She put a lot of time and effort into using the platform this year and now it’s started to pay off. Click the link to see how she did it.
And then there’s Maritia Moore who had a very personal and unlikely dream. On the business side she wanted a bootcamp business she could run from home and on the personal side she wanted a baby, even though she’d been told by doctors that it was unlikely to ever happen because of her endemetrosis.
But amazing thing happen inside the Academy including the people you meet. She met Mairi Taylor, an essential oil and wellness woman coach who helped Marita prepare her body for pregnancy.
And we are happy to announce that Marita is indeed well on the way to having her baby.
As you can see everyone has very different dreams and goals. This isn’t a one size fits all program where you all follow the same path. You put your own spin on what you learn and adapt it to your life. It’s very bespoke, we just give you the tools and the confidence and the support to go for what you want.
What do you want for yourself this year?
One of the key pieces of training I do with the guys is all about marketing yourself in a very fun way. And it works like magic. I’m sharing how we do it at a free workshop in Nottingham on June 28th 10.30am – 1pm at Jury’s Inn.
Even if you don’t sign up to The Academy this year this training will change how you speak to your audience on social media and in your sales letters and on your website.  It’ll help you come up with new fresh titles for your classes and even give you tag lines.
But most of all it helps you connect with your audience much faster, and when you make THAT connection well that’s when they know, LOVE and trust you, and that’s when they buy from you.
It’s something Pamela, Zoe and Marita have all used this year.
Yvonne “helping dreams come true” Radley

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