Today’s an exciting day for me. I’m currently writing a Chick Lit novel and my deadline is Monday. I have to write the synopsis today and post off the first few chapters. I’m not taking any chances and making sure it gets in that post box today.


A lot of what I use in my writing career (as a journalist and screenwriter) is what I still use today when it comes to blogging and marketing on social media. It what helps me to stand out in the market place, it’s what makes me different. And of course, I share it with my clients too. I share a lot of it with you too Yvonne inside these blogs.


Story-telling has become one of those buzz words in social media now, I find it amusing that the screenwriters I studied with back in the 90’s are now teaching what they know mainly to marketers and not budding writers. Their seminars got so full of the advertising crowd that nowadays they even do special seminars teaching them how to sell.


And they are right to concentrate on story and characterisation because it is one of the keys that unlocks the door particularly when it comes to social media which is very visual and so overcrowded. We need all the help we can get to get seen and heard.


One of the things I teach is about “staying on script” and not trying to be something to everyone which I’m sure you’re more than aware of nowadays.


But my teachings go much deeper than that. Marketing and storytelling is really all about psychology and connecting with your audience.


I have one key piece of learning that looks at this in depth and it’s all around characterisation. I only teach this inside The Dream Life Academy AND at my FREE WORKSHOP when we launch the new term and invite people to join us.


It’s a really fun exercise to do and I promise it will change your world.


If you struggle knowing what to say when it comes to sales letters. If you don’t know what to blog about, if you never get a conversation going on social media, if people in your town don’t even know you exist.


Then this free training will solve all of that for you and put you very firmly centre stage and in the spotlight.


Three of the people who sat in the audience last year are going to be there on the day to talk about how this training changed their marketing and their business forever and made it SO easy.


You’ll hear how Pamela Windle became an Instagram Influencer.


How Stuart Carter increased his audience on YouTube.


You’ll hear how Mairi Taylor took her business online and grew her audience.


Plus it’s a great opportunity to get in a room with like-minded people who all work in fitness, health and wellness and find out what’s working and what’s not for them.


I’d love to see you there Yvonne just click this link and book your place.


The room is starting to fill up so if you want to be there please book asap.


Yvonne “writer” Radley


PS: If you can’t make the event but would like to talk to me about becoming a member of the Dream Life Academy then please hit reply and let’s arrange a call next week.


PPS: If you are thinking of joining my 121 Coaching Inner Circle next year it is starting to fill up so again hit reply and let me know and I will arrange a call with you and tell you more about it.


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