If I asked you what were the pillars of success in your work you would quickly tell me that your clients need to concentrate on three main areas – Nutrition, Exercise and Mindset.


If they work on those they will do well and get the results they’re looking for. Working on one is not enough. Working on two might work for a while and get some results but working on all three at the same time… well, that’s where the magic happens.


It’s the same in business. In my opinion there are four main pillars to running a successful business right now in 2019, and it’s what I’ve been teaching for the past seven years. They’re four main strands that work in harmony together. And they form the four main modules inside my signature program The Dream Life Academy. They are: Business: Media: Story and Branding.


If you concentrate on these four areas, you can’t go wrong.


In Business it’s all about reverse engineering your goals and getting clear on what you want and who you want to serveAre you clear on your goals and your audience?


In Media it’s not just about getting fame, it’s about leveraging that fame to grow your audience and get clients. And of course, nowadays it’s not just about traditional media, social media plays a massive role in connecting us with our audienceWould you like to learn how to get more media easily?


Story is about why you do what you doDo your employees know what the company is all about? Do your clients know what you stand for? Do you? And equally important, do they know what you stand against? It might be big corporate gyms, diet clubs or supermarket two-for-one offers.


Branding is like the missing piece that ties all of the above together and when I say branding, I’m not talking about your logo or your website, you could probably get away with not having any of those nowadays. I’m talking about you. You are your brand and how you show up in the world is vital if you want to get seen and heard. The words you use, the vibe you put out there. We live in such a fast-paced world it’s easy to go unnoticed.



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