Today I’m going to share something that will make a massive difference to the growth of your business whether you decide to go it alone this year or do it with me inside The Dream Life Academy.


Do you ever survey your clients?


We always send out a Survey Monkey form to our clients as they’re coming to the end of their year to find out what they liked and what they didn’t like and why they joined us in the first place.


There are two main reasons that come up time and time again in the replies we get back and I guarantee it’s the same for your clients too.


1: Focus.

2: Accountability.


It’s the reason many of them stay year after year.


Yes, inside DLA they love the content and the networking but the real reason they invest is to get focused on their business and to be held accountable.


And we have plenty of systems in place to help – let me tell you what we do…..


For starters, although I’m a little bit woo-woo and I love a vision board, I’m also a journalist and I love a deadline and so the system I teach incorporates both. We have regular check ins to make sure you are doing what you said you were going to do.



And if I don’t hear from you in a while inside The Office or on our calls guess what?


I pop up in your in-box to check in on you. I’ve also been known to go live in the group and kick them up the bum (sometimes) so yes, I will be on your case if you sign up to make sure you are doing the work. Is that something you need to help keep you on track?


  • The system I’ve build has
  • WEEKLY goal setting and check ins inside The Office
  • QUARTERLY goals check ins with our Live 90 Day Tracker Zoom Call
  • ANNUAL goals and check ins

It’s all very simple really. A lot simpler than most business coaches teach and I believe that’s why it works. If you try to do everything you get nothing done and so I get you to focus in the right area so we have little or no overwhelm and that way we cross the winning post. It’s not about being the best or things being perfect, it’s about crossing that finish line. That’s how you succeed.


We also have an Accountability Buddy System where you get to throw your name in the hat every month and pair up with another Dreamy, it’s a great way to meet people too.


I have a motivational affirmation every month that we post up in the office. This month’s is “Positive Thoughts Create Positive Things.”


And so if you are looking for accountability and focus in your business to take you through into the new decade when 2020 arrives then come and join us in The Dream Life Academy and start work on July 15.



Plus I have a mini challenge for you as soon as you meet us in The Office, you don’t have to create anything but what I tell you could make you your entire investment back before we even get started. In the past we’ve had members bag £5,000+ before we even got started.


Yvonne “the doors are open” Radley


PS: We are filling up fast so message me back if you’d like to chat about signing up for this year. Doors close on 14th July and we start work on the 15th.


PPS: You may be more interested in working with me 121 and there are a number of limited places available for that option but it is filling up fast.

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