When it comes to buying courses and investing in mentoring, particularly in the fitness industry and online space, I am often staggered at how much people charge.


(I keep mine realistic as you’ll see at the bottom of this email)


I’ve sat in the audience at events when the people on stage (who teach exactly what I teach) announce their daily fee is £10,000. I nearly choked on my greens juice when I heard that.


Last year one to the Dreamies, Marita Moore, went to a free event where the guy outlined his course and then announced it was £15,000 for his program. This is what she had to say:


“I didn’t learn anything new. He teaches exactly what you teach us inside the dream life academy and he’s charging a fortune for it. I couldn’t believe people were buying it at that price.”


I’ve heard plenty of horror stories too about people losing money with mentors or not getting what they’ve been promised. I’m sure you have too. Here at Big Me Up Media we are so proud of our course and our Dreamies who do so well year after year and start actually living their dream lives.


One of our mission statements is that we help people as many people as possible in the fitness, health and wellness zone to earn the money they deserve and to help them grow their business. It’s been our mission since 2012 when the company was launched and it’s why I created The Dream Life Academy.


A group program that I can offer at a realistic price because we all share the cost. Every year we invite 40 people inside and this year the price has even come down.


It is amazing value for money with me mentoring you with my 4 signature courses Business: Branding: Media and Story as well as around 14 bonus modules and this year our very own Life Coach. Here’s a small sample of what you get on the inside and how much I charge in the outside world:


  • My Business Course (12 weeks)           £1700
  • Podcasting (bonus module)                   £997
  • Media Course (12 weeks)                      £1700
  • Branding                                                 £1700
  • Launch                                                   £399
  • Facebook ads Course                            £997
  • LinkedIn Course                                     £350
  • Life Coaching Sessions                          £300
  • Call with me                                            £250
  • Total                                                        over £8K


I’ll stop there even though I could go on and list everything inside and add on the Meet Ups and free retreat in Malaga, but you get the picture. This little lot adds up to over £8K already so the true price is probably double that at around £16K.


But no way on earth would I charge anywhere near that. I’ve had friends and other marketers tell me my prices are too low for what I offer especially the media side but I just smile and say “I know,” because money is not my motivator.


Time is my motivator. Now in my 30’s and 40’s I was completely different, ambitious, highly competitive, working in the national press and radio always striving to be the best and get the lead story.


Now in my 50’s, I prefer a slower pace of life with no alarm clock waking me up, no deadlines and no commute. This is my dream life and it doesn’t cost a lot to live it. As long as I can travel and spend time with family and friends and pay my bills, I am happy. I have no desire to grow a multi-million-pound empire.


And that frees me up to live my dream life, to be creative writing my courses and my book, and to help people like you, by bringing all of my experience to the table, to help you with your ambition and your dreams, to get you to where you want to be. To live your dream life whatever that looks like to you and it’s different in each decade as we grow and get older.


And so, you’re probably wondering what is the price of The Dream Life Academy? For the 18 courses that will be inside.


For the amazing community you get to network with and sell to and do joint ventures with like retreats and blog sharing and interviewing each other on Podcasts.


For getting me as your mentor for the year.


For the retreat and the meet ups, the 3 live calls every month where we do a Copy Clinic, Open Discussion and Q&A.


Prices start at just £97/month for 12 months or £997 for annual membership.


If you want to work with me 121 it’s £250/month including DLA or £2500 for the year. (Limited spaces)


If you want the group Fast Track where we get everything done in 12 weeks it’s £1500.


All details can be found here! 


Yvonne “drops mic, boom, I know, amazing value” Radley



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