I’m back in your in-tray every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Did you miss me? Did you enjoy the peace and quiet last week?


Coming up I want to share 5 awesome tips with you to help you crush it when it comes to your newsletter.


But first a quick update as I realise I was all about Dream Life this and Dream Life that before my little break. Well you’ll be pleased to hear it was a very successful launch and we were busy last week getting started on our plans for the future. Doors will open again in 2020.


I’m in the UK for the next few weeks busy writing free content like this blog (my version of a newsletter) writing my book and writing new content for all of my programs. Keep an eye out for some new exciting things coming up.


I’m really looking forward to some creative time and summer at home, looks like it’s going to be a scorcher this week.


My diary’s pretty empty right now and that’s exactly how I want it but in September things start hotting up again with a speaking gig at a large wellness event and then I fly back to Malaga for a month, woo-hoo, I can’t wait to be back with my best friends.


But right now it’s head down time and let’s get productive with our newsletters. I know it’s an area many of us struggle with. Whenever I ask my coaching clients if they’re still sending them out there’s always a naughty pause and then an admission that they might have fallen off the wagon.


So I’ve come up with 5 top tips to help you stay firmly on the wagon, things you can do from today that will make your writing life much easier (I know it’s not your favourite thing) but if you do these 5 things you can’t really go wrong.



1: Timing: It’s a bit like your classes or your appointments. People like to know where they are. What time to show up and be in work mode. Go easy on yourself and don’t try to do too much at first. One newsletter once a month is a great starting point if you can stick to the schedule. Ideally you want to be aiming for once a week to keep your clients up to date especially if you are business to consumer which most of you are. It’s different if you operate business to business as they’re used to getting more emails.


It’s also a good idea to pick a day and time to send out your newsletter and if you’re not sure try lots of different ones to see which one gets opened the most. Generally I would say avoid Fridays and Mondays as if people take time off it’s usually around these times and of course we have a lot of Bank Holidays in this country. Having said that I know Sunday nights can be a great time as people often check their email before the start of the week.


2: Topics: What to talk about? This is the one things that often trips us up before we even begin. We don’t know what the hell to talk about. We can spend so long thinking about it we run out of time to write a single word. So there’s a couple of really big tips I can give you here. Number one is don’t always talk about work, it’s boring and people will stop reading. Bring some of your personality into it, let us know what’s happening with you, after all that’s why they read your newsletter in the first place, because they like you. So share some stories.


Secondly, think of the questions your clients are constantly asking you and do like I’ve done here, come up with 3 ways or 5 tips to help them. Just start by thinking of the ways to help and write a heading and then add some explanation, before long you’ve written an entire blog.


3: It’s never about you really. This is something most people miss. They talk too much about themselves and never about the reader. It needs to be the other way around. Take a look at your blogs or newsletters and look at how many times you use the word I and how many times you use the word YOU. Try switching them around.


4: Call to action. Now in most of your newsletters you’ll be sharing valuable advice, maybe recipes or workouts but believe it or not you still need a call to action. You’re not asking them to buy every time you write to them but a call to action isn’t just about making a sale. Oh no, it can be as simple as setting them a new challenge or getting them to think about something in a different way, maybe watch a video or hit reply and talk to you.


But always, always, always make sure you have one in there somewhere.


5: Sell. This is the one most people leave out. They never sell anything. They feel too awkward to mention that they’ve got a new class starting or they’re holding a workshop. They don’t want to bother them or feel like they’re being pushy. Hello, it’s a business, not a charity, and your followers are there reading your content because they love what you do and you help them so why wouldn’t they want to buy something from you.


If you are not selling at least once a month you are doing your clients a great dis-service and they will buy elsewhere and you will be left wondering why they never bought from you. Well it’s because you never asked.


Which one of these are you guilty of, let me know by hitting reply?


Let me know if you found these tips useful and I hope you have fun with this week’s newsletter.



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