Last night we had our first life coaching session inside The Dream Life Academy as we fall into the Autumn, it’s a new feature for this year and Coach Kelly is coming in at the start of each season to make sure we’re not forgetting ourselves as we try to teach others, look after our family and run our business.


Quite often we get busy being busy and our own needs fall down.


Last night was all about putting them at the top of the list again and we got the guys to create 3 goals, one small, one medium and one huge one.


The small is easy to come up with it can be as easy as promising yourself five minutes a day to read.


The medium needs a little more effort and sometimes some money to make it happen.


The huge one means you have to step out of your comfort zone to achieve it and that can be very hard to do.


I know a lot of people who would love to be featured in newspapers and magazines but they stop themselves because they worry about what to say, or how people will judge them. They think they don’t know enough. It is hard putting yourself out there so that you are visible and then yes, you will probably be judged for what you say. 


But you know what, that’s ok. Because you are being authentic and you are reaching for those goals. Imagine what happens when they start coming true. What would the next audacious step be?


If you want to join me on my Press Day Workshop and learn how to get media attention with confidence then hit the link. It’s happening on Monday morning and it will be recorded for those who can’t be there live.


Press Day Workshop


What goals will you set yourself this season?

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