Imagine if you could go back to when Facebook was just an app for college kids and you could start to build your audience and your brand, how many more followers you would have.

Or when Instagram was just a photo app before IG Stories came along and it got swamped with over 500 million users who jumped onto the platform.

Imagine if there was an App like that, in those real early days, where the kids are still hanging out but the marketers and the grown ups are starting to sit up and take notice.

An app that has had one BILLION downloads.

Would you want in?

YES of course you would. We always want to be first to the gold rush and right now that gold rush is happening over on Tik Tok which used to be known as back in the day. Originally launched in 2017 it really started to take off in 2018 and then in Feb this year it hit one billion downloads globally.

Right now the celebs haven’t jumped all over it and it’s mainly ordinary people sharing fun mobile video clips.

Tik Tok invites you to “make your day” with video clips that inspire creativity and bring joy.

Your feed is made just for you just like other platforms and there are trending hashtags too to help you get discovered.

It’s a place for lip-syncing, challenges, sports and music but it’s growing and who knows what we’ll end up creating when the adults arrive.

There’s special effects, filters, music, and a global community, one that you can tap into or create for yourself. Think of it as uncharted territory. You can build whatever you want.

But don’t hang around. More and more people are rolling in every day. Earlier this month Will Smith jumped over to Tik Tok to launch a challenge to promote his new movie Gemini Man and you know when the celebs start to show up it’s just a matter of time before the platform gets taken over by marketers and the kids move on to pastures new.

So sign yourself up and start playing around with it. Come find me @yvonnemradley or just search Big Me Up Media and I’ll see you over there.

PS: I am taking on new 121 Coaching Clients this week so if you are interested in working with me drop me a message and let’s hop on Zoom and talk it through.

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