If my breakdown earlier this year taught me anything it’s this. Keep things simple and keep moving forwards. It’s what helped me carry on when things got tough. It’s what helped me have another sell out launch. It’s what helped me fly to Paris and deliver a workshop that was promised to clients. It’s what helped me get better.My whole business system is based on Simplicity. But this year it was more important than ever. It’s why I’ve decided to create a whole new course called The Simplicity Project and invite you to join me. Over the next two weeks I’m going to be going LIVE and giving you a flavour of what it’ll be like to be involved but today I thought I would invite you to do a little reflection before we get started.

It’s an exercise I do every year inside my program and it’s so illuminating and will help you get some clarity about those things you want to chase next year (and those things/people you might want to ditch)

Are you ready?

Ok, I want you to get a pen and paper and write down 10 things you really enjoyed doing this year. It might be hanging out with certain people, a particular class, your own workout, a range of foods like you liked eating/cooking, things you learnt, you get the idea. Write that list down.

Next write another list of 10 things you really didn’t like doing, things that fill you with dread, it may be working with a particular client, a friend who drains you, work, children, your exercise routine, places you go.

Next pull out your calendar and start putting in dates of all those things you love doing. If it’s meeting up with a friend for lunch make sure it’s in your diary for every first Tuesday of the month or whenever it suits. If it was a great family holiday in a certain place pencil it in for next year and even put a deposit down if you can afford it.

Make sure that next year you are doing all of those things you love doing and you’ll have an amazing year.

What do we do with the list of things we dislike? Stop doing them.

Sometimes we have to phase them out. I mean we can’t stop visiting our family can we? But we can change what we talk about or where we meet them. That friend who drains you? Cut them off if it will make you feel better or stop being so available to them.

Keep things simple next year and focus on you and what you want. Start thinking about those changes that you’d like to make now and if you’d like to work on yourself more next year and setting some new and exciting goals then come and join me and 18 other women inside The Simplicity Project and let’s get you where you want to be.

The Simplicity Project

Places are limited and its filling up fast so don’t leave it too late. We start changing our lives in a simple way in January.

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