I think 2019 has been a very difficult year for marketers. And for small businesses like ours who rely on online marketing. We’ve seen ad spend go up and up and up. Website hosts go down and down and down, even Facebook and Amazon got hit with that one. Lots more automation, a torrent of so called “Influencers” who all bought 10,000 followers just so they could get that swipe up feature. Privacy will still be a big issue and people getting burnt out with the ever demanding needs of the online world.


I feel like we’re at a crossroads and everything is about to change as we go into the next decade.


And so I thought I would share some of my 2020 predictions with you. These are just my opinions from working in that space, reading between the lines with my journalistic hat on, and speaking to my peers and my clients.




1: There will be a return to traditional marketing BUT it will have added nostalgia AND will fuse some of the new marketing techniques like data and some social media.


2: Social media as we know it will start to decline, Facebook has already plateau’d for the past four years.


3: Personality will shine through. Nowadays the market is saturated and it’s so easy to copy people, the ones who will survive will be the ones with a strong personality and/or an important message to convey.


4: Make it personal – your marketing and your products. The more you can get in a room with someone (virtual or real) the stronger your position will be in the marketplace. People are fatigued with downloads.


5: Quality over quantity. Yes we all want to repurpose content to make our lives easier but you stand more chance of making a sale if you take you make it personal.


6: Connection is key. 


7: Video is still hot and is great for getting seen on social. In fact it’s probably the only way to get seen for free.


8: People will start taking on two or three jobs rather than relying on one, there will be more joint ventures.


9: Paid promotions will be out of budget for most of us by the end of the decade.


10: Email is still king, provided you have a good email service provider, many have fallen short this year and failed to deliver properly.


11: A niche is still as important as ever but YOU are more important.


12: Micro Influencers will be in demand, small is beautiful.


I will be here in 2020 to help guide you through this crazy world of traditional and online marketing and share new ideas with you.


I’ll give you a heads up and alternative routes to follow as the market evolves.


If you do nothing else, make sure you grow your email marketing list and get yourself on video in 2020. That will give you a head start.




I have lots of exciting products and events planned for 2020 including:-


International Women’s Day on March 8th

Writing retreat in Malaga in May

The Simplicity Project (April intake)

121 Coaching


And on a personal note:-


I’m moving back to Malaga

I’m trying to get a book deal for my book and hopefully I’ll be a best-selling author by this time next year!


Merry Christmas and thank you again.

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