There’s a word in the English language that women use, often, and it diminishes everything we do. It’s I word I find falling from my own lips and I even know the dangers it brings. It’s found it’s way into our vocabulary and like a bad habit, it’s hard to shake off, but shake it off we must.

The word is ‘just’ and we use it as an apology.

The first time I noticed it I was coaching my female 121 clients and when they priced their courses they would write on the sales page Just £97 or Just £499 or Just £199. The value didn’t even matter. The men I coached never did this. They felt no need to justify the price they were asking for their services. Their sales page stated the price loud and proud, £97, £499 or £199.

When I was in my twenties, before I became a journalist, I would hear this word a lot as a stay at home mum of two boys. I would meet other mothers and they would say things like ‘I’m just a housewife’. As though they were not contributing fully to the world.

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Even nowadays with female entrepreneurs I hear a similar story ‘It’s just something I do in my spare time’.

Or when you compliment a woman on the gorgeous outfit she’s wearing that day and she replies ‘oh it’s just something I threw on’.

Take out the word JUST and those statements have POWER and a sense of belonging, an attitude.

It’s £499
I’m a housewife
It’s something I do in my spare time
It’s something I threw on

See the power of language, the power we take back when we take out one little word from our vocabulary? We don’t need to justify who and what we are, we are women and our daughters will become women.

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