Hands up if you’ve ever posted something on social thinking ‘this will get them all going’ and then…. nothing, nada, zilch, crickets.


We’ve all done it of course and it can hurt. We feel rejected, we blame the algorithm, we keep on trying. And occasionally we hit it lucky.


Or do we?


Maybe when we ‘hit it lucky’ we’ve struck the right chord with our audience. We’ve touched on something that they want to talk about. And so I’m challenging you to take a closer look at your posts (your copy) and see which ones do well for you on each platform.


Let me share a couple of examples from my own accounts this week that did pretty well and then I’ll give you 3 ways you can get this working for you.


The first is from Sunday posted in the morning and is a fun post on coloured background inviting people to take part in a game where they have to give me the name of the last TV show.


It ended up with 186 comments and is still getting comments all week.


Why did this post do so well? It was on Facebook and people come onto Facebook to have fun. It was also the weekend when people are not so busy with work. It only required a quick short answer. It hit a chord with my audience who are up for a giggle.

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The next image is taken from LinkedIn, quite a serious platform where a lot of professionals hang out. This post was aimed at women in business and talked about the serious subject of language and how we use it in our daily lives.


It’s had over 1,000 views, 31 likes and 21 comments, which is a lot for me on LInkedIn. I used a professional photo to go with the article and the image resonated with the subject I was talking about.


  • https://www.facebook.com/YvonneRadleyMedia/?fref=ts
  • https://twitter.com/yvonneradley
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And so let’s narrow this down a little bit more and put it into 3 ways you can get more engagement on social media.


1: Get to know your audience really well. Your audience on each platform will be slightly different. Think of the platforms like restaurants.


Facebook is the McDonalds of the high street. People are going down it every day and when they call in they want something fast and fun.


Instagram is your trendy coffee shop tucked away down a little side street, there’s probably modern art on the walls and an eclectic menu to choose from. Here people are willing to hang out a little longer, browsing, but you’d better make it interesting for them or they’re gone. When you get it right you’ll see the same crowd hanging out there all the time and you can become friends.


LinkedIn is like your work canteen where you bump into people or like a hotel lobby where you might meet a client and have a coffee, maybe read some articles and you can be here for a while.


Twitter is one big food hall probably in a shopping mall and you can dip in and out of lots of different venues networking with people as you go. It’s fast and topical, a lot happening right here and right now.


Once you know your audience on each platform it makes it so much easier to talk to them, to post the things you know they’re interested in and that they have time for.


Who are your people {!firstname_fix}? Where do they hang out?


2: Check in with yourself. You need to monitor what’s working and what’s not. There are tools that can help you do that like Plann for Instagram and Insights on Facebook but really I think they just bog you down and give you more work. You can tell by really looking at your feed once a month and seeing what flew and what didn’t and then make a conscious effort to create more of the content that is resonating with your audience.


3: It’s a two way street. We all love it when people comment and engage with us but are you doing it back? Are you replying? I know we’re all busy but you wouldn’t ignore someone who spoke to you in the street no matter how busy you were. You’d give them a wave or stop and have a chat. Social media is exactly the same. So make sure you are engaging with them and even hopping over to their channel to return the favour and comment on one of their posts.


The more you engage with people the more you will see them and they will see you. The algorithm will notice. It’s like good karma, except it’s not it’s logistics. Anyway, the point is if people are nice to you, be nice back and you both win.


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What’s been your best post ever? Comment below and let me know.




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