Okay today I’m challenging you. Asking you an awkward question?
Are you ready? Of course you’re not, we’re never ready for awkward questions. Here goes…..
What did you do yesterday to get new clients? (Take a moment to think about it.)
Want to make it even more awkward? What did you do on Monday to get new clients?
You’re probably racking your brain now thinking, thinking, ‘I must’ve done something!’
But do you know what? Most people don’t do anything each day to get new clients because we’re all so busy working in our business and not on it.
But if you’re not bringing new people on board eventually you’re going to shrink and be empty because people don’t stay forever no matter how lovely you are. Life gets in the way with new jobs, house moves, injuries. You already know this. You’ve seen it happen a million times.
So how do we redress the balance and make sure we don’t get left with no clients to serve?
We introduce Magic Hour to your daily activity. (side note it doesn’t have to be a whole hour it could be 20 mins)
So what is Magic Hour?
It’s a part of the day when you do something, anything, to get new clients. You can’t use it for admin or tidying the office, You can’t use it to scroll through Facebook and Instagram.
You need to get pro-active and get some leads. That could be:-
  1. Creating a new opt in to grow your email list
  2. Messaging former clients and giving them a deal to come back
  3. Writing an awesome blog post with a call to action to take action and posting on social media
You get the idea.There’s a million and one things you could do. This is the difference between having a good business and a great business. If you do an hour a day Monday to Friday that’s five hours spent on recruitment. Imagine how many new customers you could get in that time? How much more revenue will that bring in for the year?
Even if you only got an extra two people per month paying you £97 each that’s an extra £2,328 over the year. Which could be a nice family holiday, or lots of nights out. And all it takes is one hour a day. Imagine if you got 10 new people every month!! Would that get you nearer to living your dream life?
Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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