Remember those days at the beginning of the last decade when you posted on Facebook and everybody liked and commented.?You were actually seen in the market place and people would buy your services and products?
Well get ready to step back in time my friend because there is a social media platform out there that is just like Facebook back in 2010. Not only does it look like FB’s feed but it is friendlier and you get a lot of traction.
It’s our old friend LinkedIn who is not so stuffy and boring anymore. It’s like they’ve had a personality transplant and all the cool kids are hanging out there now.
Take a look at this post I did recently. Over 1500 views and 39 comments. It stayed on the feed for days as people kept sharing and commenting.
I suspect people got tired of trying to get seen on Facebook, you do have to put your hand in your pocket to pick up viewers nowadays and hey, if we can get it for free the market’s always going to move over. It’s a great revival for this pretty professional and corporate platform.
It’s also a great source of articles. There’s a high standard of content over here with less click bait and less vitriol. LinkedIn aggregates your timeline so that when you log in you see updates from your connections so that you can keep up with what’s happening in your world.
The groups are great and so is the networking. It’s easy to get on somebody’s radar and make an impression, even if you’re an introvert.
If you haven’t visited the platform for a while why not drop in, update your profile and take a look around. i think you’ll be pretty surprised at what you find. Try writing a long form post with a picture and see what happens. And don’t forget to let me know.

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