If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter recently you would’ve seen the pandemonium surrounding the Corona Virus, and I’m not talking about the disease itself, but the sheer panic and headlines going on around it.

Yes it is a serious situation, and yes there are measures we need to take, but we in the fitness, health and wellness world preach positive mindsets and so NOW is the time to step up to the plate.

There is SO much negative language being used, people talking about escaping, panic buying, death and so much doom and gloom. Do we really have to inflame an already bad situation with so many inflammatory words that only make matters worse? Try swapping some of those terms for more nurturing ones. Talk about self care, planning and being organised instead.

Now in a second I’m going to give you some business tips that could help you get through this testing phase and dare I say, even thrive by listening to what your clients want and giving it to them. After all, you are a health and wellness expert and they are looking to you for guidance. That’s your job. Now more than ever. And so offer them some opportunities that will mean they are in the best shape while this pandemic plays out.

Okay let’s get into some ideas that could help you be the voice of reason in the coming weeks, maybe get some new followers and certainly build on the business you already have.

1: Become the go-to expert.
There is no better opportunity for getting published in magazines or newspapers or appearing on radio or television. This story will run and run for weeks to come and journalists are dying to hear from people just like you who can give us their take on the whole situation. This is my client Anita Lobban appearing on BBC Breakfast news on Friday morning talking about her Pilates classes at Sale Pilates and how she’s adapting for her older demographic of the over 60’s and 70’s.

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Sarah Dewhurst has also been featured in Harper’s Bazaar this week and The Metro talking about the affects of the virus on your mental health.

2:Change your products/services
Now is a great time to offer some add on classes/services and widen your product suite. Some people may have to self isolate or not feel comfortable coming into a group format any more.

1: Offer or promote your 121 personal training services and there’s a good chance people will take you up on it to stay healthy and be in their best shape.
2: Offer live streaming classes from your studio or gym into their living rooms via Zoom or Skype or a Facebook Group.
3: Give them access to your online membership program if you have one, and if you don’t have one maybe now is a great time to create one.
4: Offer mindset audios to help people with anxiety.
5: Share recipes of immunity boosting foods and drinks.
6: Offer people supplements to help with general health and wellness.
7: How about some outdoor sessions in your car parks or local parks?

Every day this week I’m going LIVE inside The Dream Life Academy with ideas about how you can pivot in your business and offer the public what they want and need right now. It’s a great opportunity and challenge for us all.


We can’t enforce our normal cancellation policy, we have to show goodwill and flexibility during these unusual circumstances.

Equally, if people do have to self isolate we can offer alternatives (as above) rather than cancelling all together.

4: Professional Advice

It is your responsibility to advise your clients. They will look to you as the expert to tell them what they need to know and no doubt they’ll have lots of questions. As health and wellness experts it’s important to practice what you preach and to present a positive, responsible outlook on the situation. They will be looking to you for guidance so guide them.

On social media I would advise not sharing tabloid press posts which are full of scaremongering and frightening headlines. Don’t share posts from random people that you don’t know who are talking about the subject too.

There are two main sources that you can rely on. Public Health England and WHO (World Health Organisation) anything and anyone else I would take with a pinch of salt, even TV stations who, let’s not forget, are in the business of getting viewers and so they have their own agenda’s. All news outlets will be looking for the biggest headlines on this big story. Don’t get swept up in their agenda. Stick to the trusted sources and provide your clients with the knowledge and help they need.

Please share below ONE positive pro-active thing you are doing this week to help your business survive and thrive.

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