Lots of you have been asking ‘when is the right time to sell?’ And the answer is right now.

In this past week I’ve seen many of you close the doors on your physical studios and gyms and take your business online. It has been amazing watching you all and helping where I could. I love how the whole fitness industry has rallied together and the support coming from customers has been tremendous, not a word I use often, but it really sums up what a lot of you have been telling me.

You are currently the front-line workers in the world, helping people to stay fit and healthy. If ever there was a time to offer what you sell it is right now, it’s in desperate need. In fact, it is your duty as a fitness, health and wellness person to offer what you can to the world. Don’t be afraid, don’t worry about being ready or perfect, just open up your email and message your audience and ask them what they need.

You may have been ready to launch something this month and maybe you can pivot that offer.

  • Check the sales copy to make sure there’s nothing inappropriate, people’s priorities are very different now to one month ago. Maybe you can offer a lower weekly or monthly payment plan instead of pay in full.
  • Don’t ignore Coronavirus in your sales letters, talk about it, not in a dramatic way, be careful of the language that you use. We can’t pretend nothing has happened, we have to address the current situation and offer to help. Invite people to join rather than to buy.
  • Sales letters tend to be quite forceful, now is not the time to be forceful you need a gentler approach to allay people’s fears.

I was supposed to be launching The Simplicity Project earlier this week but then of course the timing sucked. People needed immediate help with getting online and so I put it to one side. We were due to start on April 6th but actually I sensed that this is something they need right now and so I’ve brought the start date forward a week. We’re not taking a break at all and after we wrap up our last session on Monday for the current members, we are starting again next weekend on Sunday March 29th because people don’t want to be alone right now. They don’t want a break. They want to stay together and have that support and get pro-active.

None of us could foresee what was coming when we started this Simplicity Project 12 weeks ago. We work through the eight pieces of our life pie together, Business – Money – Family and Friends – Relationship – Time Out – Passion Project – Adventure – Health and Wellness. When I look at the goals I set 3 months ago they look so insignificant to the goals I will set this time around.

Let’s take adventure as an example, I wanted to live in Malaga, now there’s nothing more than I want than to be at home. They say the Universe has your back and I do believe that. I knew there was a reason I came home and it didn’t work out and now it makes more sense.

Working through the Pie each week and getting intentional about what we’re focusing on really helps us to find clarity in a very difficult situation.

We get very conscious about what we’re doing each week and how we can enhance our lives in that particular area. Sometimes it’s an open discussion, sometimes I teach and sometimes we have an expert on to talk to us. I will be inviting our financial expert back this time to give us money advice during the current situation, in fact she’ll be one of our first guests. I’ve also got a parenting coach lined up and I suspect with many children off school for the foreseeable future she’ll be able to give us some great advice and tips to help us out.

It’s going to be a very difficult 12 weeks ahead and I would love to help you get through it and come out the other side even stronger and more intentional than ever. Help you keep a reign on your emotions and be there for each other when we need that extra support which we all will.

It is billed as a women’s only group but if you’re a man and you’d like to join I say come on in. There is no age limit this time around, it was aimed last time at the over 40’s but we all need help right now. I’ve offered a weekly price for those who don’t have the funds to pay in full. It’s on sale right now The Simplicity Project and you’ll immediately be added to the WhatsApp Support Group and we have our first session at 6pm Sunday March 29th. I’d love to see you in there.

Yvonne x

PS: If you want to use my copy as a template for your own sales letters I am happy for you to do that. Borrow away and tweak it to use for your own offerings.

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