So after a crazy week last week you’re probably in the process of taking your classes online. I’ve seen many of you ask if people are interested but you’ve not given them a place to go or a price so they know what’s involved. This causes customer confusion and you want to make it as easy as possible for them.

I know what it is… many of you are unsure about how much to charge for online. I’ve been tagged loads this weekend and had messages asking questions about this very thing. So I thought I would put together a short video (6 mins) explaining how much you should be charging – my 3 point pricing plan – and what payment software you can use.

Check it all out here.


Now some of you may have missed the video I sent out on Saturday. This was all about how to set up a Membership Site inside a Facebook Group with Learning Units. It also shows you how to go LIVE and how to set a group up step by step in case you’ve never done that before. You can go take a look at that 10 minute video here.

Create a Facebook Membership Site in 10 minutes


Now I know a lot of you need music for your classes and that can be tricky too, the guys in The Dream Life Academy were searching around earlier this week for music they could use in their NEW online classes. This one seemed really popular. You can check it out HERE.


This week is going to be another difficult one. But we are all in this together. And to be honest, no-one could imagine how fast you all rallied to save your businesses last week. You guys really are awe inspiring. I know we all talk about going online…. But it is well outside of our comfort zone and many had put it off and put it off and then put it off again.

Last week we were left with no choice thanks to Coronavirus. I am so proud of every single member of The Dream Life Academy who have all transitioned to online this week. We’ve had lots of tears, heartbreak and meltdowns but we are still all in business and dare I say, some of them are even thriving.

If you would like to join our community then I’m opening the doors up again, there is a new group that started just three weeks ago and so you won’t be far behind and we’ve had the most tremendous support from each other sharing our wins, and sharing when we feel shit. Lifting each other up and helping each other out. It’s been incredible and they are all ready to hit the LIVE button on their classes next week.

I’m going live every day and keeping them all updated, it’s pretty fast paced trying to keep up sometimes but we are getting there and they’ve all done so well stepping waaaaay outside of their comfort zones. they’re blooming Zoom experts now!!

Here’s the link if you want to take a look at our community and what we offer inside The Dream Life Academy.

And If you are looking for support over the coming 12 weeks I am also opening a brand new Simplicity Project next Sunday 29th. I think it’s perfect timing. It’s a 3 month Lifestyle Program where we examine the 8 pieces of our Life Pie from Business and Money to Parenting and Time.

I’m offering 3 different price points to make it as affordable as possible to everyone, including a weekly option. I’ll be sharing some of the stories from the women who’ve taken part in the first ever Simplicity Project starting in January and they’ve been on quite a journey.

If you’d like to find out more about this very special project then click here SIMPLICITY It could be just what you need to help you get through this uncertain period. Billed as a Women only group, if you’re a man and you like the sound of it we are opening it up to everyone this time around. I’ve also dropped the 40+ age range and made it open to everyone as we all need that extra support right now.

Stay safe everyone x

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