I know, I know, Reels is great for getting you views, maybe even some new followers but….

Is it making you any extra sales?

Sometimes we get carried away with ‘vanity metrics’ and forget to convert all those lovely new people into hard cash. Remember all those Facebook Likes we used to collect back in the day?

Now I’m not saying don’t bother with Reels, they are the latest ‘hot thing’ and the algorithm is playing ball so you definitely want in on that right now.

What I am saying though, is don’t forget your Call To Action.

Every time you do a Reel make sure you have an end goal in sight, something you want your viewer to do. It may just be to have fun, it may be to educate them in some way, or get them to think about something in a new way, but ultimately your end goal is to make sales so don’t forget to sometimes ask for the sale. I talk about this a lot inside The Dream Life Academy and how often we should be asking for the sale.

Get them to click the link in your bio or head over to your website. Let them know about your new classes and how they can sign up – special offers or flash sales.

If you’d like to work with me bigging up your sales and getting your classes full – there are three ways you can do that right now:-

Dream Life Academy – my year long group mentoring program

Life Pie Club – support and accountability group for women

121 Coaching – treat me as your business partner and let’s get the job done.

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