Big Me Up Media Will Help You get Fame and Clients

Here’s Why…

If you’re a coach who…

is good at what you do and just needs more exposure for your business…


is getting clients but wants to get them at a faster rate while becoming known as an expert in your industry

Then getting media attention is critical to make either of these dreams happen. And this site is dedicated to helping you with just that!

But getting fame is only part of the equation to running a successful business. The key to turn publicity into income is by gaining clients out if it. But what does it take to get into the spotlight?

I’ll show you how it’s not only possible but critical to get media to take your business to the next level. It doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be reserved for the fitness professional, Yogi, Pilates teacher or wellness coaches with large, fancy studios, a big budget, and a major following.

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Yvonne Radley, a fellow coach and original founder of Action Boot Camp when it was one of the largest boot camps in the UK. I’m also the creator of Big Me Up Media,  the coach’s publicity trainer and mentor whatever niche you work in.

As a Fellow Coach, I know It Isn’t Always Easy…

My background is in journalism and the boot camp world so I know some months are quiet. New fitness trends and programs mean more competition (and reduces our slice of the market). The weather can affect business–especially for those of you who hold outdoor classes.

All of this means getting clients using fast and using low-cost strategies is so crucial. And capturing media exposure is the best marketing method for those of us with small companies!

You might be a fitness coach or a life coach – a business coach or a money coach – maybe you work as a wellness coach.

I’m known for my Media School program (the professional publicity school that Catapults Everyday People Into Stars in just 3 Months), my 121 coaching programs, Press Club membership program, and VIP Days for those who want a fast track and of course my annual retreat in Paris.

I’m here to show you how to shortcut your way to the type of fame that can increase your client list and your income.

Why listen to me?

Here’s 6 reasons!

1) I’m known as a “quadruple-threat” when it comes to my media background: I have 25 years of journalism experience in TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. I know what works no matter what platform you want to explore!

2) I know how to uncomplicate the process and break it down into easy-to-do steps that won’t take up tons of time or drain your bank account.

3) I stay up–to-date travelling the world to conferences to find out what the media is looking for and what stories to pitch (and when).

4) I will make sure you don’t make the mistakes many others have made that only hold you back from getting the media attention you deserve.

5) I’ve successfully led the boot camp business I shared with my ex-partner to be one of the most successful in the UK, at one point having run nine locations at one time.

6) I’ve also helped hundreds of others grow their business and get publicity easily…all through the power of media!

But It Wasn’t Always So Easy…

When we started our own fit pro business, we had just enough capital to keep it afloat for three months. I had no choice: I had to make it work! I had to explore cheap or free ways to get exposure for us. Luckily, my media background came in handy. I knew that if we got exposure and turned that publicity into clients, we would be successful. And I was right!

Where My Passion Comes From

Here’s my philosophy: I firmly believe that every coach is already a star. They just need to a little help to be catapulted!

It breaks my heart when I see talented people struggling to take their business to the next level. And I know that just getting media attention can make a big difference to their bottom line if the know how to turn publicity into clients.

Because of this passion, I wanted to provide resources for other coaches so they wouldn’t have to take the long road to the kind of success they craved.

Lets Get Started!

Sign up for a 30 minute strategy call (it’s FREE!) and you’ll get some new business and media ideas just for you and your biz.

Or if you’re ready to take a deep dive, check out my programmes listed below.


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Dream Life Academy

mentoring programme.



121 Media Training with a weekly accountability call.

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