Would you love to learn how to write from a professional? 

I know what it’s like. We all have an important message and just want people to see the huge benefit in hearing us and acting on our words. Imagine the impact we could have? But instead, we seem invisible, it’s hard to get heard let alone make sales. Am I right?

But what if you could learn a new way of connecting? What if you could have people hanging on your every word, lining up to buy your products as soon as you release them to the world? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Blogging is far from dead and is one of the most powerful ways to sell. Instead of following the same sales formula everyone else is using why not find your own voice, sit people down and encourage them to listen?

I’ve been a writer for more than 30 years and in this 4-week blogging and creative writing course I’m going to teach you many techniques I’ve never taught before. Things that screenwriters and authors take for granted. Things that not everyone knows about but if used by people in the right way can have you standing in the spotlight with everyone looking to what you’re going to do next. Sound fun? Then read on…..


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Is this you? Be honest.

You’ve probably dabbled in the past. Picked up a notebook and pen and written a list of all the things you’d love to write about.

You may even have a website with a few blog posts on it but they are often few and far between as you run out of things to say.

Perhaps you blog via email and have a list of subscribers all waiting to hear what you’ve got to say but then work gets busy and the holidays kick in and before you know it you’ve gone weeks without getting in touch and you don’t know how to get back with them. Awkward.

Don’t worry it’s not too late. I am here to help you get where you dream of being.

I’ve been a professional communicator for over 30 years now as a journalist, broadcaster, screenwriter and now blogger and I’m sharing all of my experience with you.

Being a successful blogger takes two main ingredients.

1: Creative juices.

2: A strategy.

Lucky for you I’m teaching both of these in this 4 week course which focuses as much on creative writing as it does techniques and strategy.

I’m keeping the class small (no more than 10 people) because I’m a very hands on coach and I want to make sure you all get individual feedback on your writing.


We start with a 121 session where I’ll cast my Editor’s eye over your current blogs and give you some feedback.

Then at the end of the 4-week course we’ll jump on another call for a round up where I’ll advise you on moving forwards and give you a final critique.

We start work in May but as soon as you invest in this course you will go straight into the Facebook group where you can meet the other like-minded entrepreneurs and book your first call with me in April.


You will get 2×121 private sessions with Yvonne where she’ll cast an Editor’s eye over your current blog and give you direction and then at the end of the 4 week course you will have another coaching session with her looking at your next steps and any further improvements.

You get 4 weekly lessons over the course.  

1: Every Tuesday Yvonne goes LIVE and gives you your creative writing task.

2: On Wednesdays you get an email talking about the logistics of selling and how to get more readers.

3: Every Friday Yvonne shares branding and screenwriting techniques that will help you write in a very different way to your competitors. 



Yvonne is popping up regularly in our Facebook Support Group with questions and support.


You get to hang out and learn with other fitness, health and wellness entrepreneurs all looking to up their game too, providing a very supportive and positive environment that will push you. But don’t worry nothing will be too hard. Blogging is all about showing up authentically as YOU and we can all do that.

Pick your themes to write about

I’ll teach you to stay on script so people hear your unique voice and message.

How much & when? 

The Blogging Workshop starts on Tuesday May 7th and lasts for 4 weeks but as soon as you book your place you will be put into our Facebook Support Group where you can book your first coaching call with me in April.

I’ll be looking at your current blog and giving you my expert feedback and tips moving forwards.

In May we get our creative juices flowing and start learning the techniques and strategies as well as having some fun with the live training too.

We only have 10 places available so book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

I can’t wait to get started and I’m so excited to teach this course and have you as a part of it.


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