Would you love to earn a living by being a blogger? 

It’s an awesome way to show up in this world. When you know people are reading your words and acting on them, there’s nothing like it.

But I also know what it’s like when you can’t get heard and no-one is listening. When it’s impossible to get noticed in the social media melee. If only you could cut through the noise and create some space.

Maybe you dream of working from anywhere and you and your laptop can travel the globe spreading your vibe and attracting customers on your incredible journey. 

Anything and everything is possible, you just have to know what you’re doing so you don’t get lost along the way. I’ve been blogging for nine years now and it’s how I earn every penny in my business. I’d love to teach you how to do the same.


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Is this you? Be honest.

You’ve probably dabbled in the past. Picked up a notebook and pen and written a list of all the things you’d love to write about.

You may even have a website with a few blog posts on it but they are often few and far between as you run out of things to say.

Perhaps you blog via email and have a list of subscribers all waiting to hear what you’ve got to say but then work gets busy and the holidays kick in and before you know it you’ve gone weeks without getting in touch and you don’t know how to get back with them. Awkward.

Don’t worry it’s not too late. I am here to help you get where you dream of being.

I’ve been a professional communicator for over 30 years now as a journalist, broadcaster, screenwriter and now blogger and I’m sharing all of my experience with you.

Being a successful blogger takes two main ingredients.

1: Creative juices.

2: A strategy.

Lucky for you I’m teaching both of these in this 4 week course which focuses as much on creative writing as it does techniques and strategy.

I’m keeping the class small (no more than 20 people) because I’m a very hands on coach and I want to make sure you all get individual feedback on your writing.


We start with a 121 session where I’ll cast my Editor’s eye over your current blogs and give you some feedback.

Then at the end of the 4-week course we’ll jump on another call for a round up where I’ll advise you on moving forwards and give you a final critique.

We start work in April but as soon as you invest in this course you will go straight into the Facebook group where you can meet the other like-minded entrepreneurs and book your first call with me in March.


You will get 2×121 private sessions with Yvonne where she’ll cast an Editor’s eye over your current blog and give you direction and then at the end of the 4 week course you will have another coaching session with her looking at your next steps and any further improvements.

You get 4 weekly lessons over the course.  

1: First we’ll discover your Writer’s Voice sot that you can speak from the heart directly to your ideal client.

2: Next we look at your writing style and how you can and should integrate your brand into it.

3: Technique is everything and this is all about introducing systems and strategy.

4: Finally, we get around to the content and what it is you want to convey and how your message will not only change your reader’s world but also impact on your own income and drive sales.


I am popping up regularly in our Facebook Support Group where I’ll do some LIVE training with you that’ll take your writing to a whole other level. I’ll share some fiction writing and screenplay writing techniques too to help you stand out in the  blogging community.


You get to hang out and learn with other fitness, health and wellness entrepreneurs all looking to up their game too, providing a very supportive and positive environment that will push you. But don’t worry nothing will be too hard. Blogging is all about showing up authentically as YOU and we can all do that.

Pick your themes to write about

I’ll teach you to stay on script so people hear your unique voice and message.

How much & when? 

The Blogging Workshop takes place on April 1st and lasts for 4 weeks but as soon as you book your place you will be put into our Facebook Support Group where you can book your first coaching call with me in March.

I’ll be looking at your current blog and giving you my expert feedback and tips moving forwards.

In April we get our creative juices flowing and start learning the techniques and strategies as well as having some fun with the live training too.

We only have 20 places available so book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

I can’t wait to get started and I’m so excited to teach this course and have you as a part of it.


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