How to big up your marketing with Canva.

Do you see other people’s graphics and posts online and get those jealous green eyes?

You wonder how they create such amazing pictures or posters and wonder if they have a graphic design team behind them.

You wonder if they sell out with whatever it is they’re launching because it just looks SO GOOD,  and if they’re good at marketing they must be good at whatever it is they’re teaching.

Well, now it’s your turn to make those other people turn green with envy.

I’m going to be sharing my top Canva secrets in this hour long workshop which will see you catapult your marketing from okay to FABULOUS.

Many of my 121 clients employ me just to do their graphics for social media for them because they know they will hit the mark and the sales will come flooding in.

I also use this platform for all my own marketing materials and have done for many years now and it’s never let me down and saves me a fortune on grapgic designers that I used to have to employ.

So if you are interested just sign up and I’ll see you on the Zoom Call. Let’s turn your social media around so that you start attracted those all important clients with your amazing professional marketing.


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New Workshop for you

In this very latest workshop happening on Zoom, Sunday, October  8th from 1o.30 – 11.30am I am going to walk you through the creative ideas of how to make your marketing top notch and how to increase your sales and your income – all the while spreading the love with all that you do!

 I’ll share all my top tips on how to get ‘the look’ that attracts customers, plus lots of content ideas and how to get people buying with one click.

Let everyone else mess around using too many words on the page, cluttering up their flyers and spending a fortune on out-sourcing. We are streamlining what we do and I’ll show you how less is more, everytime.

This is perfect for anyone who runs their business online, anyone who hosts retreats, anyone who uses posters or flyers to advertise their classes and anyone who needs to create booklets to go with their classes or to create opt in offers on their website.

Sign up now and leave your competition standing. (The session will be recorded and will be available for one week.)




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