Learn creative writing and discover your story.

This is a relaxed and fun creative writing workshop suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. For those of us who feel the need to take some much needed time out from our busy lives, avoid burnout and give ourselves the time to get creative.

It’s an opportunity to remember the past, share some memories with others, and let your imagination run wild.

It’s a fun exercise and you will leave with a piece of work you have written.

Don’t worry you don’t have to read anything out if you don’t want to but we’d love to hear from those who do.

It’s a live interactive event that is happening on Saturday 26th March from 12-2pm.


I can’t wait to take you on this mini-adventure.


Is this you?

You are constantly striving to improve yourself, you love learning new things. You spend all of your time looking after others or doing the daily grind, and hardly have a chance to stop and look up, let alone take a couple of hours out of your week to get creative.

It feels like an indulgence, but let me tell you, it can stop you from burning out and help you be even more productive in your life and business.

You probaby think writing isn’t for you, you might worry about spelling, punctuation and grammar. Trust me, none of that is important. We’re more interested in what you have to say rather than how you say it. You cannot go wrong in this workshop because the subject you are discussing is you.

Join me and a group of other like-minded people for a wonderful afternoon wtih a few surprises.

This is a live interactive event but it’s up to you how much you join in.

I’m Yvonne Radley and I will be your guide. I’m studying for my Masters in Creative Writing. I’ve spent the last three years working on my debut novel and I have written a play which has led to interest from a major theatre company. I have ¬†been a professional writer for more than 30 years now as a journalist, broadcaster, and blogger.

Spend two hours getting creative and recharging your batteries.


Rediscover who you are and where you’ve come from. You’ll be surprised at the things you’ve forgotten about yourself.


Get creative with your classmates in open discussions.


Those who want to, will share their work by reading aloud and inspiring others. You will all leave with a piece of creative work that you can be proud of.

Learn Creative Writing

Spend some time on yourself, writing about yourself.

When and How?

The Creative Writing Workshop takes place on Saturday, March 26th from 12-2pm.

It’s all happening on Zoom to keep costs down and you can take part from the comfort of your own home.

You will need a pen and paper and lots of enthusiasm. No other skills are necessary.

It’s an interactive event so you do need to be on the call live in person.

I can’t wait to get get creative¬†with you and explore a whole new side of you.


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