12 months worth of content

Bespoke training to help you get your business moving in the right direction. 

Let me take you through the most important aspects of running a business.


How is your business going? Do you make yourself the same promises every year, then get to the end and find you’re right back where you started? Sometimes you’ve even fallen behind. you been overwhelmed and anxious?

You invest in course after course but you never seem to move forward. The bank balance never seems to grow and you’re still working all the hours you can.

We’ve all been there. You’re not alone. But there comes a time when you have to STOP, get a good look under the hood and move in a different direction. And trust me, it can be scary . We might have to admit we’ve not been as focused as we should be, we might be doing things for others rather than ourselves. We are people pleasers after all.

What I want you to do, is figure out what YOU want. Not what anybody else wants for your business. Then we come up with a plan to get you that.

You can’t just manifest it, we have to put some science behind those dreams. We have to keep you accountable for staters so you don’t wander off the path and get lost again.

I have worked with people who dreamed of owning a house the sea – and after being inside the Dream Life Academy their dream came true.

Another dreamt of working in Hollywood – she got there! Others wanted six figure businesses, some wanted to be famous and get on the telly or be featured in magazines.

Some just wanted their evenings and weekends back and to earn a decent living.

The tools I give you in this year long mentoring program give you everything you need to create a sucessful online or offline business in 2023 and beyond. I had many messages from grateful ex clients when Covid-19 struck saying the systems I’d given them meant they didn’t go bust overnight.

You can create a business that you love







This year I’m doing things a little differently. We are starting in October with an 8 week course of live coaching where I walk you through the key sections of running a business.

We start by analysing your current business.

Then we get to work on your archetypes.

We take a look at your websites and bring them back to life.

I’ll teach you how to write great sales copy and how to tell your story so your audience can hear you.

I’ll also help you craft a media campaign for 2023.

We will get you the skills that will transform your business for life. After this, you won’t need any more courses. It’s got everything you need.


Inside the Academy you have a lot of bonus modules to help you  – how to create sell out  launches – blogging –  creating a podcast, and many more.

There’s loads of accountability inside the group on Mondays and Fridays. You will have an Office full of work colleagues to help you, and me standing in your corner.

Many see DLA as an investment and many earn their investment back in the first month using the techniques I share with you.

Being part of the Dream Life Academy is being part of something unique with a supportive group of great people who have your back, with a leader who has helped thousands of people just like you to build confidence, change from the inside, thrive in their businesses and ultimately LIVE THEIR DREAM LIFE.


Create your dream life and dream business

Dream Life Academy

Dream Life Academy is my signature business and media course and support club – it gives you 4 vital modules to building a successful, sustainable business both in the online space and in the real world.

It’s a prestige course that you can dive into immediately or you can take your time and work on the modules in your own time depending on which package you buy.

We help you to drive your business forwards and grow.

The Library

Your resources and training modules.

The Office

Our meeting place for support and chat.


Media Guru, Business Coach and Speaker.

I cannot begin to describe what it’s been like working one on one with Yvonne Radley. The opportunities that have come my way have been AMAZING. Yvonne takes you through everything so you understand it and everything she tells you to do just works. It’s brilliant. Since joining her I’ve won Fit Pro of the Year 2013, I became the face of Argos and am featured on the sports section of their website, I was named one of the Top 100 Fitness Gurus in leading UK Magazine Top Sante and I have become the Director Of Sport for Children in the North East. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been in loads of papers, magazines and on radio and even got my own TV show and there’s more to come so watch this space…. that’s all I can say for now.”

Katie Bulmer Cook

BBC1’s The Apprentice

“When I first started with Yvonne I just saw myself as a small bootcamp owner and that’s all. Since I’ve been with Yvonne I was In the running to be the Milk Tray man/woman and with the campaign I ran I have built my local profile to the point when I actually get recognized in the street now.”

Marita Moore

Lotus Fitness Academy

“Since staring the coaching programme I have filled up all my classes, been featured in the national press as a fitness expert and have created an online programme that I’m now launching. Working with Yvonne has given me the inspiration and confidence I needed and it’s so exciting to see my company flourish.”

Karen Austin

Topaz Fitness Academy

Here’s Why This Program Is Different
We know that you are a capable entrepreneur but we also know that you need some help, we all do – accountability for starters – brainstorming with other like-minded people or just meeting up and chatting, knowing you’re not the only one in your position.
You will be asked to come to The Office an online Facebook group where you can go any time of the day or night and ask questions or reach out for help when things get too much or you get stuck.
You can choose to do it all in one massive download or you can choose to work on each module qaurterly. It all depends on how you like to learn. Are you a Netflix junkie type or a let’s take our time and stretch it out kind of person?

Bonus Modules. There are more than 20 different courses inside DLA from How to Create Facebook ads to Create Your Own Podcast to Launching your Courses This year we are introducing a Productivity Coach, How to Go Live, Your LIfe Pie and our very own Intuition Coach to help us navigate our cycles.

Accountability is a BIG part of getting things done and we have your back. We check in every Monday and Friday. 

Who Is This For?

Dream Life Academy is for people of all levels whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in business for years and are looking to grow your profile and your profits. The group is made up of people mainly from the fitness, health and wellness world, wellness coaches, personal trainers, pilates teachers, boot camp owners, life coaches, pre and post natal experts, hypnotherapists, some are from the world of beauty and others are entrepreneurs and business coaches working in product or service industries trying to make their way in the world.

Are you ready to stop thinking about change and start making it happen?

Join Dream Life Academy today for a fresh start

Mentoring plus group support

8 weeks live + 12 months content


£539 for live training and year long access to all the content inside the Dream Life Academy


121 Coaching plus DLA


£250/ monthly

I’m Yvonne Radley – a former journalist and now Business and Media Coach. I’ve created this YEAR LONG avant garde programme to serve people who are looking to create a good business bringing in £50-£80K or more if that’s your bag.

People who want to work offline and online. I said it at the beginning of the decade and I’ll say it again. I think the future is all about FUSION. Traditional media making a comeback. Online and Offline blended together. Authenticity and Filters. Apps and Maps. Audible and Books. Zoom and Quiet time.

I’m constantly evolving the programme and pay close attention to what my clients are looking for so I can help them grow and create amazing results. When Covid-19 hit ALL of them were online in 48 hours. Many are earning more now than they did before with lower overheads and bigger profit margins.


This course takes everything I’ve learnt over the PAST 30 years and everything that’s worked for my own clients and I’m passing it on to you to help you live your dream life FUSION.

I love to help business owners create their business around their lifestyle and that’s what we are all about at Big Me Up. You have probably watched my business grow year on year with THREE membersbhip sites and now LIFE PIE. You have seen how my dream is to travel the world and work.

I can help you map out your dreams, set your goals, track your journey, give you the support you need to get where you want to be.

I can help you learn the foundations you need to succeed and help you to implement those systems and not go off track or procrastinate.

Whatever you want for your life and your business we can help you achieve it together.

Just like pamela, Frank, AND EMMA DID.

Join Dream Life Academy today for a fresh start

Mentoring plus group support

8 weeks live + 12 months content


£539 for live training and year long access to all the content inside the Dream Life Academy


121 Coaching plus DLA


£250/ monthly

Dream Life Academy includes four signature courses:


Go through my 12 week in depth Business course including lead generation, goal setting, ideal customer, reverse engineering and tools to help you attract clients.


We’ll get you published in Newspapers, Magazines and on Radio so that you become the expert in your industry and price your products to match.


I am bringing a new form of branding over from the US – one that is based on personality and creativity and not on tired old formats that no longer serve.


I will teach you how to earn money from your blogs and how to layer story into your sales process to earn more income.

Plus our Experts:

Frank Sinclair

Our Going Live Expert who’s going to teach you all about the tech side of training your clients online from the equipment to the software.

Charlie Stone

She’s built membershiop sites and e-learning courses for some of the biggest names and leading providers in the health and wellness sector in the UK, Spain, the US and Austrailia. Now she’s here to help us create ours and there’s something for every budget.


Having Yvonne’s journalistic background and her eyes and ears at leading conferences is worth £1,000’s to you. She will bring you the kind of information you can’t get anywhere else.

Join Dream Life Academy today for a fresh start

Mentoring plus group support

8 weeks live + 12 months content


£539 for live training and year long access to all the content inside the Dream Life Academy


121 Coaching plus DLA


£250/ monthly

Will this work for me?

Although Yvonne works mainly with those in the fitness, health and wellness world and she knows that industry inside out, everything she teaches can be applied to any business. Business is business whatever business you are in. If you are a creative entrepreneur who likes to be kept accountable, is looking for some hand holding and who wants a proven system then hey, you are in the right place.

What kind of businesses belong to The Group?

Mainly entrepreneurs and mainly people in the fitness, health and wellness sector but there’s also beauty consultants, retail businesses and service providers, life coaches, web designers, photographers. Generally it’s start-ups or people who have reached a certain level and want to grow.

What programs are included in The Group membership?





Plus more than 20 bonus modules including Creating Membership Sites, How to Go Live like a Pro, Productivity and Empowerment, Intuition Coaching, Facebook ads, Podcasting, Pinterest, Launching, Growing Your List, Creating Membership Site, Life Coach, LinkedIn, Blogging and many many more.


Do I have time for this?

It’s the same as anything, you will get out what you put in and so if you go all in.

I know this is your biggest struggle but honestly if you can spare just one hour a week to go through the training modules and mix in the group your business will start to change and grow. If you have more time than that you will grown even faster.

Can I cancel any time?

No. This is a Year Long program so if you join now  you are all in for the next 12 months,  as you get instant access to all of the course.


When does this year’s course start?

We are starting on Wednesday 19th October. Our live call will be at 5pm-6pm. Recordings will be available. You will get access to the DLA content straight away.

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