QUESTION: Do you feel the need to step away from your normal world and come work on YOURSELF and your BIZ?

How would you like to spend time on you and your business this summer with me and my team Masterminding, coming up with plans for 2019, learning techniques to help with overwhelm and just taking time out for fun and relaxation?

We’re inviting you to Ignite Your Life at  La Manga Club, Murcia, Spain, where we get ready for the year to come.

meet us in Marbella
Can you see yourself sleeping in a room like this enjoying the peace and tranquility of this retreat?

Can you imagine the powerful conversations you’ll have with the other people at this amazing event and the changes that will come to both you and your business?

If you feel isolated and stuck, if you are unsure which direction to head in next, if you just want to sound ideas out to a friendly crowd who will challenge you as well as listen to you.

If you feel like you’re the only one “not getting it”.

Then you deserve to take some well deserved time out – so that you can get all of your burning questions answered and propel you into a new future.

Yvonne is taking you through a Mindful Masterminding session on Day One and on Day Two she invites you to come up with new ideas to inject cash into your business for 2019.
In the mornings you are invited to start your day with a Mindful Yoga Session and meditation with Yogi Paula Denvir.

Paula is also keeping us nourished during our stay with delicious breakfasts and lunches sourced from local prodcuers to give us a true and authentic Meditterenean lifestyle.

Leanne Hennessey, Yvonne’s sister and Clinical Hypnotherapist is in the house to get us mindful about our minds starting with an emotional detox. 

She’ll show you how to control any anxiety and help us step into our future selves with forward pacing. Your confidence will sky rocket and  you will leave feeling energised and full of ideas that you know you can pull off . 

Night time is for fun, fun, fun and we’ll head on out to the nearby bars and restaurants with friends old and new to carry on talking about the changes we are looking for in our own lives and business.
*Total price £399 does not include flights or evening meal out. Payments are non-refundable.
Taking time out to work ON yourself and ON your business is one of the most valuable things you can do  to grow as a person and as a brand and definitely when you are a personal brand.

Your head is so full all of the time that you hear yourself saying the same things over and over again, doing the same things over and over again and falling into the same traps over and over again.

On this 3 day (2 night) retreat you are going to stop and check in with yourself. As well as working on you and your business in tandem you are also going to enjoy lots of downtime doing the things you love.

That might mean lazing by the pool or heading up to the spa, talking with others about life and our dreams, picking up a book and having time to read. A game of golf or tennis or a mountain hike.

Just lots of time to breath and empty your headspace so we create some new and wonderful ideas for you to take home. We’re getting creative and mindful on this retreat.

If you feel the need to take a break and re-energise then you are in safe hands. The program of events is designed to take you on a journey of self discovery and self love. Every once in a while it’s nice to just let go and see what comes up for you. I wonder which direction you will go in next…..

Ignite your LIFE!

Your Luxury Villa

The retreat lingers for 3 days and 2 nights so lots of time to chillax.

*Total price £399 does not include flights or evening meal.Payments are non-refundable.

We arrive on the Saturday 15th September anytime from 10am to settle in, relax by the pool, and meet all the other amazing people on retreat before Masterminding at 3pm, sparking some ideas and then going out for dinner to continue the conversation at one of the gorgeous local restaurants. If you’ve never done a Mastermind before get ready to blow your mind.

Everyone brings a problem or challenge to the table and we go round the circle getting advice from everyone in the room. The challenges and ideas that emerge will have you making lots of new plans. And the funny thing is… you get most of your ideas from other people’s questions.

On Day 2 (Sunday) we get into our vibe with a slow start with yoga and meditation. We’re getting creative today and coming up with a new idea to generate more money into your business. You’ll also be getting an emotional detox. It’s important to slow down and let the ideas flow so there’s lots of free time too. In the evening we will be heading out for dinner again with our new friends and to continue the conversation over drinks.

Day 3 (Monday) we share a lovely breakfast and wrap up the event at 11am and say our goodbyes.

Breakfast and lunch are included in your retreat. Your evening meal and drinks at local restaurants are paid for by you.

We also have a beauty therapist coming in who will offer you additional treatments from €25 to €55 for massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, indian head massage, sports or deep tissue massage, body polish, facials, manicures and pedicures.

How much & when? 

The Retreat takes place on the 15th of September 2018 to the  17th and the cost is £399 including accomodation, workshop, breakfast and lunch.

[Price does not including flights or evening meals out in local restaurants]

We only have ONE place left now and it will be first come, first served.

There are lots of flights available to and from Alicante which is 1hr 10 mins away. There may be some flights available from Murcia (30 mins) and we have a taxi service available.

There are 3 twin bed rooms so you will be sharing with a buddy.

By the end of the trip you will feel revitalised and refreshed. The emphasis is as much on you as it is on your business.

We’ll show you how to ignite new ideas both in your personal and professional life. We’re looking at new ways to cope with anxiety and confidence issues and we are looking at new and exciting ways of creating programs that could bring you in the extra income that you desire.

And it’s not all work. It’s important to switch off and unwind, chill out with new friends and let the ideas come to you.

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