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The eight pieces of our Life Pie

Work Life

The current situation has changed everything. Many of us have changed how we work overnight. Overwhelm and stress can eat you up but there’s also an abundance of opportunities available to you now.

Let’s discover 

Passion Project

In the early years we’re encouraged to follow our passions and in the later years we put them on hold. Recent events have shown us the importance of our personal projects and relaxation.

Explore the joy

Your Money

A massive concern for many of us. But let’s not just think about how to earn money. We want to thing about saving money, getting rid of debt, spending, and investments.

Money matters.

Time Out

Are you getting enough time out or always sacrificing yourself for others? It’s importatnt for your mental health. And time out can be anything from a gap year to five minutes to yourself during the day.

Use it wisely


How would you like to take part in a WIN WIN coaching programme where you get coached by me, and then you take MY programme and teach it to others adding a whole new revenue stream to your business?


Something really interesting happened during my last Life Pie Programme. The mentees started asking if they could teach it to their audience. Always happy to spread good ideas, I of course said yes and now they have added a whole new income to their business.

You learn by doing the programme with me and I will give you all the tools you will need to plug it straight into your business including marketing graphics and sales copy. It couldn’t be easier.

You do it, learn it, teach it.

Every month we look at eight pieces of our pie: Business: Money: Family and Friends: Adventure: Passion Project: Health and Wellness: Relationships with ourselves or our partners. Time Out. 

Every week we have a 30 minute catch up to check we did what we said we would do.

On our monthly calls I teach you valuable lessons you can pass on to your group. Life hacks if you like. Interesting things they can use to enrich the pieces of their pie. My clients are always surprised by these and some have never done them before. It’s a revelation, and takes the Life Pie Programme to a whole other level.



Here’s how it will work. 

Life Pie Club is a  lifetsyle and business group for anyone  who wants to get super focused and have some group support. 

There are 7 incredible features.

1: Our Monthly Group Call.

We will meet on Zoom for 60 mins on the first Wednesday of the month at 1pm. Next cohort starts on May 4th 2022.

2. Facebook Support Group.

Where you can carry on the conversation, ask questions and support each other. 

3. Accountability.

We meet every week for a 30 minute check in on Zoom and set new targets for the week.

4: Marketing Tools

I will share my marketing images and sales copy with you, you just tweak it to suit.

5: 12 Lessons

We work together for 3 months but I will give you 12 montly Life Hacks so you can create a year long programme.

6: You get me as your mentor

We will work on YOUR Life Pie together, helping you to stay accountable and become more productive at home and work.

7: New revenue stream.

You learn the programme by doing it and create your own Life Pie for your clients.

It couldn’t be easier. Learn it. Teach it. 



How can we be there for one another? Whether you’re married or single, widowed or divorced, there’s a lot to talk about here. What you expect from others and yourself.

You are enough


You’re great at looking after others, but what about your own health. We’ll talk nutrition, mindset and exercise and find out what we’re all doing to stay fit and healthy. 

One step at a time

Family & Friends

 We’ll check in with how you’re feeling about your loved ones, who’s supporting you and who’s not.

Always there for you



Many travel adventures are on hold but that doesn’t stop us planning. Also adventure could be about learning a new skill, a new language or craft.


Life Pie Programme

Plug it straight into your business and start earning a brand new revenue stream.

Life Pie Programme

I’ve done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is learn it and teach it.

It’s a 12 week Programme designed to help people get rid of overwhelm, set easy to hit weekly goals, and achieve balance in their busy lives.

People who take part in this programme get clarity in their lives, become far more productive, and achieve a balance they only dreamt of before.

Monthly Group Call

Where we get super focussed

Live Weekly Calls

Where we check in with our tasks


I teach you. You sell it on.

The pie is a great idea. I can focus more. 

I was excited to start. Aha moment was breaking life down to the parts of the pie. 

I was excited to look at my whole life not just business, to get better life balance. I think it’s made me focus on relationships as I realised I was prioritising my business.

From previous members

Life Pie Club

I felt really overwhelmed but now feel more in control. 

I was quite excited to join the group as haven’t done anything like this before, nor really looked into myself or my pie. It has helped me look at the way I do things, mainly for my business and address issues I keep putting to one side e.g pension & financial organisation and trying to be more strict with myself re taking on more work or trimming my workload. Also loved the adventure bit and am definitely planning more of this!

From previous members

Life Pie Club

Who Is This For?

The Life Pie Programme is for health and wellness professionals who want to get some accountability and productivity in their own lives. But also, if you want to, you can learn the programme and teach it to your own clients, adding an easy new revenue stream to your business.

It’s for those who like to take action and have a plan. Those who are not (too) afraid of change.

This is the perfect programme for you if you want to be supported by other nurturing people. We  love to learn new things, challenge ourselves, be at the heart of discussions, have ambitions, we like to know the latest trends and topics in all walks of life.

I’ll be sharing my marketing images and sales copy with you so you don’t have to think about it and I’ll give you 12 lessons in the 3 months we work together so you can make this a year long programme for your clients if you want to.

Learn it. Do it. Teach it.

Jacqui Der Karapetian

I really enjoyed Life Pie it made me think about all aspects of my life, even those I didn’t want to. Loved the support, learnt lots and helped me to focus on my life and business through lockdown. PS I got married!

Hanna Epps

I was able to clear and eliminate my fear after lockdown to make some major decisions so I could move away from elements of business that did not work for me. Plus I learnt to journal in a new way that helps me focus and stay positive to start the day

Karen Austin

The Life Pie made me realise I had no balance at all. It was all work, work work.  I dived into my Passion Project, bought my house and have been doing it up over lockdown. I now have the security I’ve been craving.

Jane Thomas

I came away feeling lighter in my head and my heart and with choices that I just hadn’t been able to see, with the gained  support of a group of very special women. The highlights for me are the methods Yvonne teaches to help you look at the future. 

Join the Life Pie Programme Today

Learn it. Teach it.

Special Offer/Monthly Membership

For the 12 week course it’s  £35/month

The Life of Pie

This system I have created is the same system I use myself to follow my passions and write my book. To travel the world. To build my business. To create my three online membership sites that have brought in more than a quarter of a million pounds alone.

The Life Pie is something I’ve been using for more than 12 years now and I’m always amazed how powerful it is when you apply it to what you need.

Your Life Pie is a valuable tool and I’m looking forward to helping you hit your goals.

Not only that, but this term I’m inviting you to learn it and then teach it to your audience. It’s what the last cohort did and they’ve gone on to add a whole new arm to their busienss and increased their profits. I love a win, win situation.

I’m Yvonne Radley – a 58 year old mother of two grown up boys. I’m a writer and former journalist and now Business and Media Coach. I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am many things to many people as I’m sure you are.

On the inside, some days I am a warrior who fights for survival, sometimes a child who feels hurt and lost, but ultimately I’m an adventurer, a thinker, a leader and an explorer.

I’ve created this BRAND NEW 12-week mentoring  program to help people like me and you to get clarity and to ditch the overwhelm. The programme evolves every time I do it and this time I’m inviting you to come on board and learn it and then pass it on to your own clients.

We all need a little extra help nowadays and the Life Pie is a powerful tool that should be passed on.





Invest in the Life Pie Programme Today

Create a whole new revenue stream teaching this fun course to your clients 

12 Week Membership

£35/ monthly 

Invest in yourself and your business

Learn it. Teach it.

Yvonne’s worked as a journalist for 30 years, she’s currently writing her debut novel. She’s known as a thought leader with her programs and is about to change the game again in the next decade.


Will this work for me?

Absolutely. You need to show up for yourself and the other people in the group but don’t worry we’re not asking for a lot of time. It’s 60-minutes once a month on a group call that will be recorded each month.

There’s also short 30 minute weekly lives where we hold you accountable and set new weekly goals.

What kind of people belong to The Group?

It’s a mix of men and women, but mainly woment. We all  work in the health and wellness world in some capacity from hypnotherapy to fitness classes to everything in between. It’s about getting clarity and balance for ourselves and our clients.

What included in The Group membership?

Monthly Calls where we get focussed.

Weekly Accountability  our Facebook Group is where you can ask questions and get added support from members.

Grow your own Life Pie Busines you can learn the programme by doing it and then teach it to your audience.




Do I have time for this?

We meet for 60 minutes every month on the first Wednesday at 1pm. It’s not a lot of time in the month and so I think this will be easily manageable. 

Can I cancel any time?

No it’s a 3 month programme so if you sign up we need you to stick around for the full 12 weeks for it to work properly. 

When are the calls and what if I miss them?

The first Wednesday of every month at 1pm.

We also have a Facebook group where you can ask questions.



It’s your time to get clarity and balance in your own life and add a whole new revenue stream to your business.

Learn it. Teach it.

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