The Life Pie Club

A special  Accountability & Action Group designed to help women hit their life and business goals

Autumn 2021 – Time to re-evaluate your life and your business.


The eight pieces of our Life Pie

Work Life

The current situation has changed everything. Many of us have changed how we work overnight. Overwhelm and stress can eat you up but there’s also an abundance of opportunities available to you now.

Let’s discover 

Passion Project

In the early years we’re encouraged to follow our passions and in the later years we put them on hold. Recent events have shown us the importance of our personal projects and relaxation.

Explore the joy

Your Money

A massive concern for many of us. We’ll be looking at ways to save money, resources available for the self employed, as well as what to do about savings, debt, spending and investments.

Money matters.

Time Out

Something we’ve all been gifted this year with lockdown. Are you getting enough time out or always sacrificing yourself for others? It’s importatnt for your mental health.

Use it wisely

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, lonely, like you’re doing this all alone with no one around you who really understands the pressures you’re under?

Maybe your partner sees your business as a hobby and doesn’t take it seriously. Perhaps your family and friends try to hold you back because they don’t understand your world and all that you hope to achieve.

Maybe, you don’t have faith in yourself and feel that you don’t have the knowledge and skills to really live in the way you feel you should be living, afraid to show up as the real you?

Trust me, it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve worked with women running small businesses for over a decade now and these are the stories we tell ourselves. I am not immune. I have my own doubts too (I mean , come on, I just decided I was going to write a book and get a 2-book deal. Who does that?) We do, that’s who!

We have these big lofty amazing ideas that are dangerous and make most people run away but somehow they light us up and send us running toward them. It’s only when we start getting near that we start to panic.

And given these uncertain times we’re living in there’s a lot more panic than usual.

And yet, if you’re anything like me, you will be seeing opportunity not doom and gloom like everyone else. I built my bootcamp business at the height of the last recession and it was a crazy idea but it worked. Your crazy idea can work too if you give it a chance.

I have designed this group for me as much as you because I believe the real power comes from women supporting each other in all areas of life, work and play.

If nothing else, this pandemic has got us to slow down and take a look at what’s important in life, we are all re-evaluating on a daily basis right now and who knows what the future holds. But one thing I do know. It’s better to get pro-active than re-active and so I’m inviting you to join me as we start the NEW Life Pie Project for the next year.

It’s going to be a small group of women, no social media (urgh, don’t you hate it nowadays?) and we will meet on Zoom. Sometimes we’ll be one group and other times I’ll place you into your own Zoom Rooms to work in groups of three or four.

We look at all eight pieces of our pie: Business: Money: Family and Friends: Adventure: Passion Project: Health and Wellness: Relationships with ourselves or our partners. Time Out. 



Here’s how it will work. 

Life Pie Club is a women only lifetsyle and business group for women who want change.

There are 3 incredible features.

1: Our Monthly Group Call.

We will meet on Zoom for 60 to 90 mins on the first Monday of the month.

Step One: We are accountable to each other and check that we’ve done what we said we were going to do.

Step Two: We look at one piece of the pie. This might be a fun task or a or open discussion, sometimes I might bring in a guest speaker.

Step Three: We check in with our Life Pie and where we are at and decide what to focus on for the following month. We choose two segments from the 8 available.The live call is held on the first Monday of the month so we go into a new month knowing exactly where our energies need to flow.

Weekly Accountability:

I hold you accountable every week by getting you to message me via our WhatsApp Group on a Sunday.

We’re not spending hours on social media, you won’t even have to log on to Facebook. We are all in a WhatsApp Group together and you’ll message the whole group on a Sunday to let us know how your week has gone and what you’re doing the following week. It’s at this time you can also shout for help if you need it.

Online Retreats:

There will be 3 full day retreats during the year. One in January, one in May and one in September. 

This group is designed by me for people just like me and you. Having systems in a business is all well and good but unless you have a system for yourself you’ll never to stick to it.

This is all about holding you accountable and making  sure you take action steps required to get you from where you’re at now to where you want to be. We all know the hardest part is sticking to the plan because we will hit obstacles in life, that’s a given. It also keeps you up to date with the latest thinking and current trends. And is an incredible resource and support. People inside feel an immediate bond and empathy towards each other.



How can we be there for one another? Whether you’re married or single, widowed or divorced, there’s a lot to talk about here. What you expect from others and yourself.

You are enough


Of vital importance right now. We’ll talk nutrition, mindset and exercise and find out what we’re all doing to stay fit and healthy. Experts will be on hand for some of these sessions.

One step at a time

Family & Friends

An important category as we don’t have access to everyone in person right now and we’re finding new ways to communicate. We’ll check in with how you’re feeling about your loved ones, who’s supporting you and who’s not.

Always there for you



Many travel adventures are on hold but that doesn’t stop us planning. Also adventure could be about learning a new skill, a new language or craft.


Life Pie Club

Every month we pick two pieces of our life pie to work on and it can be as small as having five minutes to ourselves or as big as launching a new company. Because your life is designed around you.

Life Pie Club

Life Pie Club is designed for women who’d like the support of other women, more life balance and someone to keep them accountable.

It’s a 12 Month Program that keeps you on track when life inevitably throws you off course. It’s for all of us who know what needs to be done, we just need to get on and do it.

We get together for a day on our online retreats, have monthly group calls, and weekly WhatsApp messages

Monthly Group Call

And you’ll message me weekly

Online Retreat

3 times in the year


Writer and thought leader

The pie is a great idea. I can focus more. 

I was excited to start. Aha moment was breaking life down to the parts of the pie. 

I was excited to look at my whole life not just business, to get better life balance. I think it’s made me focus on relationships as I realised I was prioritising my business.

From previous members

Life Pie Club

I felt really overwhelmed but now feel more in control. 

I was quite excited to join the group as haven’t done anything like this before, nor really looked into myself or my pie. It has helped me look at the way I do things, mainly for my business and address issues I keep putting to one side e.g pension & financial organisation and trying to be more strict with myself re taking on more work or trimming my workload. Also loved the adventure bit and am definitely planning more of this!

From previous members

Life Pie Club

Who Is This For?

The Life Pie Club is for women who are looking for support and accountability. It’s for you if you’re so overwhlemed right now you don’t know your left from your right.

Maybe you want to take action and you’re not just talk about doing things. It’s for you if you need to get focused or if you want to bring about change.

This is the perfect program for you if you want to be supported by other nurturing women. We  love to learn new things, challenge ourselves, be at the heart of discussions, have ambitions, we like to know the latest trends and topics in all walks of life.

This is not a business program, this is a lifestyle program. This is for women who want more from their life as we step forward towards new possibilities in 2021.

We’re all in this together.

Jacqui Der Karapetian

I really enjoyed Life Pie it made me think about all aspects of my life, even those I didn’t want to. Loved the support, learnt lots and helped me to focus on my life and business through lockdown. PS I got married!

Hanna Epps

I was able to clear and eliminate my fear after lockdown to make some major decisions so I could move away from elements of business that did not work for me. Plus I learnt to journal in a new way that helps me focus and stay positive to start the day

Karen Austin

The Life Pie made me realise I had no balance at all. It was all work, work work.  I dived into my Passion Project, bought my house and have been doing it up over lockdown. I now have the security I’ve been craving.

Jane Thomas

I came away feeling lighter in my head and my heart and with choices that I just hadn’t been able to see, with the gained  support of a group of very special women. The highlights for me are the methods Yvonne teaches to help you look at the future. 

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 The first 5 people to sign up get a free 30 min coaching call with me (value £125)

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The Life of Pie

This system I have created is the same system I use myself to follow my passions and write my book. To travel the world. To build my business. To create my three online membership sites that have brought in more than a quarter of a million pounds alone.

The Life Pie is something I use inside The Dream Life Academy and I’m always amazed how powerful it is. People may join to learn about business or the media but they’ve also gone on to launch their own Podcasts, cycle to Paris, write a book, perform live on stage, have a baby, spend more time with family, quit their day jobs and even work in Hollywood.

Your Life Pie is a valuable tool and I’m looking forward to helping you hit your goals.

I’m Yvonne Radley – a 56 year old mother of two grown up boys. I’m a writer and former journalist and now Business and Media Coach. I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am many things to many people as I’m sure you are.

On the inside, some days I am a warrior who fights for survival, sometimes a child who feels hurt and lost, but ultimately I’m an adventurer, a thinker, a leader and an explorer.

I’ve created this BRAND NEW year long mentoring  program to help women like me and you. To get clarity and to ditch the overwhelm. To help you become accountable and to take small steps every week that will lead you to those goals you have in mind for the next decade.

I have used these skills and techniques that I teach for over a decade myself now to help others and to grow my own business.

I’ve had three very successful membership sites and am currently writing my debut novel with the help of Europe’s leading literary agents. 

I know that to hit our goals in life and work we have to keep checking in with our Life Pie and that’s what this program is all about. Let’s create some greatness!




Join the Life Pie Club Today

 Get intentional about your Life Pie plus the first 5 people to buy get a free 30 minute 121 call worth £125

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Bring clarity into your life

Yvonne’s worked as a journalist for 30 years, she’s currently writing her debut novel. She’s known as a thought leader with her programs and is about to change the game again in the next decade.


Will this work for me?

Abso-freaking-lutely. You need to show up for yourself and the other women in the group but don’t worry we’re not asking for a lot of time. It’s a 60-90 minute long group call that will be recorded each month.

We also ask that you message the group weekly on a Sunday to stay accountable.

What kind of women belong to The Group?

A lot of us work in the health and wellness world but we’ve also had business coaches, people from the NHS and a woman who owned a gifting company.  It’s for all women. Stay at home mums, career women, singles, divorcees. Anyone interested in getting some focus and clarity and living their life with more intention. It’s about getting proactive and not reactive.

What included in The Group membership?

Monthly Calls sometimes with guest speakers and teachings. An Action Plan.

Weekly Accountability with our WhatsApp Group

Online Retreats x 3 where we deep dive on some pieces of the Pie.



Do I have time for this?

We meet for 60-90 minutes every month. It’s not a lot of time in the month and so I think this will be easily manageable.

Can you spare a max of 90 mins each month to help yourself  and help a group of like-minded women to hit their life goals? We are living in unusual testing times and who knows the effect this one hour a week will have on your life in the next 3 months. But I suspect will be a positive one.

Can I cancel any time?

We want everyone to stick together for the year for it to work properly. But obviously if you hit financial difficulties you  just get in touch and we can figure it out.

When are the calls and what if I miss them?

The first Monday of every month at 2pm

We also have a weekly WhatsApp Check In on a Sunday to keep us accountable.



Change is in the air and even more freedom around the corner. Time to change your life and your business.


Join the Life Pie Club Today

 First 5 peole to join get a free 30 minute coaching call worth £125 – Let’s get intentional about your Life Pie

Monthly Membership


Weekly Membership


Annual Membership

1 year access  

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