The Life Pie Club

A two-day event designed to get your business and your life moving forwards towards 2021

Get clarity and focus on your future in this new normal by discovering your Life Pie with Yvonne Radley.


We’re living in unprecedented times. We are all bearing witness to that given the current Coronavirus outbreak and the way it’s literally changed how we live and work overnight.

But we are also living in very exciting times full of opportunity and endless possibilities to craft a new way of living for ourselves, you and me, we are in control.

If you’re anything like me you’re probably really enjoying certain aspects of being at home. Waking naturally with no alarm, not constantly clock watching, no travel, saving money on venue hire because you now work online and your profits are much higher.

Spending quality time with loved ones and starting some of those little or big passion projects you always meant to get round to. Walking in nature. The list is endless. We’ve all slowed down in some way.

It also means we can cancel those classes, services, products we were no longer enjoying and be guilt free about it. Now we have an open book, a blank page and we can write a new version, a new story moving forwards. One that is more in alignment with how you view the world NOW and not how you viewed the world back then. Now you’ve seen what you can achieve and you are keen to explore more.

I’d like to invite you to join me on my two day virtual retreat. In the future we will get together in a villa in Spain next Spring, a hotel in New York or round a log fire in the UK but I’m not letting this current situation stop my dreams. And you shouldn’t too.

Here’s how it will work. 

The Life Pie Retreat is a two day LIVE event where you switch off your mobile, clear the space in your diary and come and work with me on your future business and your life.

We will work our way through the eight pieces of our Life Pie looking in depth at areas like Businesss where I will do some of my coaching exercises with you to help you navigate where you take your business next.

The Money section of the pie will also focus on your business and we’ll examine your product suite and how we can generate a new revenue stream for you right now with your offerings. Sometimes we’ll work in one big group, sometimes smaller groups or pairs.

Health and Wellness I have a guest coming in to talk to us about how we can attract abundance into our finances and our lives with whatever we want.

Adventure is always an exciting one to explore..

We’re also looking at our personal lives and seeing how we show up right now with Relationships, Friends and family, Passion Projects, and Time Out. A lot of people who’ve already done this work with me say it’s an eye opener and at least one marriage has been saved!!

This retreat experience is designed to help you shift. I’ll hold you accountable and make sure you take action. It also keeps you up to date with the latest thinking and current trends. And is an incredible resource and support. People inside feel an immediate bond and empathy towards each other.

We are all treading our own path but we can all explore together.


The eight pieces of our Life Pie

Work Life

The current situation has changed everything. We now have new possibilites and opportunities around taking our work online as well as offline. We’ll explore this in details on both days.

Keep it simple

Passion Project

What new passions have you explored over the past few months. Are they already taking a back seat? What do you want to keep from this precious time.

Explore the joy

Your Money

A massive concern for many of us. We’ll be looking at how much you should be charging for your online and offline products and what NEW services/products you could bring to the table.

Money matters

Time Out

Are you always at the  bottom of your own To-Do List? This weekend is all about putting you firmly at the top and discovering how you can carve out time for yourself and use it to be a great roll model for your friends and family.

 Lead by example


What strengths do we look for and what strengths do we bring to our relationships?This exercise is an eye opener and can have a profound effect.

You are enough


Of vital importance right now. We’ve got a guest speaker coming in to show you how essential oils can enhance your business and your life specifically when it comes to abundance.

My cup is full

Family & Friends

We’re going to explore where you get your support from in these troubled times and how you can amplify that to enhance your business and your wellbeing right now.

Always there for you



We wrap the weekend up with a very special journey with a group hypnotherapy session.

We will bring everything we’ve explored together into this finale and you will be left feeling invigorated and excited for what the new year will bring.


Life Pie Retreat

We’re preparing for life in 2021 during these fun two days where we unpack our lives and then re-build the life we want to create by going through the 8 peieces of our Life Pie.

Life Pie Retreat

The Life Pie Retreat is designed for those who need to get clarity and a road map for moving forwards in all areas of our lives.

It’s an inspiring two day retreat with other professioanls that will help you take all of those amazing ideas you have and give you the confidence to put them all into action.

I’ll help you get focussed and take action

Group Call

You’ll discover what you want

Live Retreats

We work through our life pie


Writer and thought leader

“Working with Yvonne on my Life Pie has been a revelation. Life changing. I’ll never look at the world in the same way again.”

“It made me see how I could do things differently. It was so helpful sharing my ideas and struggles with the others on the course.”

Who Is This For?

The Life Pie Retreat is for those people who are looking for some clarity and focus. It’s for you if you know you want change but you’re unsure which direction to move in.

Maybe you want to take action and not just talk about doing things. It’s for you if you usually procrastinate or get overwhelmed. None of those will dwell here.

This is the perfect programme for you if you want to be supported by other nurturing people. We  love to learn new things, challenge ourselves, be at the heart of discussions, have ambitions, we like to know the latest trends and topics in all walks of life.

This is not a business retreat, this is a lifestyle retreat. This is for those of us looking for make a difference after lock-down and make a difference in this brand new, and so far very strange new decade.

We’re all in this together.

Join The Life Pie Club

 Get intentional about all aspects of your life

Monthly Membership


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The Life of Pie

This system I have created is the same system I use myself to follow my passions and write my book. To travel the world. To build my business. To create my three online membership sites that have brought in more than a quarter of a million pounds alone.

The Life Pie is something I use inside The Dream Life Academy and I’m always amazed how powerful it is. People may join to learn about business or the media but they’ve also gone on to launch their own Podcasts, cycle to Paris, write a book, perform live on stage, have a baby, spend more time with family, quit their day jobs and even work in Hollywood.

Your Life Pie is a valuable tool and I’m looking forward to helping you hit your goals.

I’m Yvonne Radley – a 56 year old mother of two grown up boys. I’m a writer and former journalist and now Business and Media Coach. I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am many things to many people as I’m sure you are.

On the inside, some days I am a warrior who fights for survival, sometimes a child who feels hurt and lost, but ultimately I’m an adventurer, a thinker, a leader and an explorer.

I’ve created this BRAND NEW retreat to help peopke like you to find out who you are. To get clarity and to ditch the overwhelm. To help you become accountable and to take small steps  that will lead you to those goals you have in mind once we come out of lock-down and for the next decade.




Yvonne’s worked as a journalist for 30 years, she’s currently writing her debut novel. She’s known as a thought leader with her programs and is about to change the game again in the next decade.


Will this work for me?

It will if you show up and do the work. You need to show up for yourself and the other people in the group because we are all going to inspire each other over the two days. 

What kind of people will be on the retreat?

A lot of us work in the health and wellness world but there are people from all walks of life. Most of us run small businesses and a lot of us are looking at the online and the offline world. It’s for people wondering what their next step will be.

What included in the programme?

There will be eight lessons during the two days with Business Coach Yvonne Radley and expert guests. 

There will be lots of ideas, support and accountability.

You will leave with lots of clarity and an Action Plan of how to move your business forward and improve every aspect of your life.



Do I have the time/funds for this?

This question always intrigues me and it’s often a barrier to people doing what they really want to do. I think a more interesting quesion to ask is will this investment save me time and money in the long run.

And the answer is YES, you are going to get a clear direction in the path you want your business and life to follow instead of being frozen to the spot and overwhelmed and never taking that step forwards to your new future.

In fact, not only will you save time but my hope for you is that it leads to a brand new revenue stream and makes you lots of money.

Can I cancel any time?

If there is an emergency and you can’t make the live event after all you will be offered a place on a future event.

When is the retreat taking place?

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September 9am-5pm on day one with an hour for lunch and 9am – 4pm on day two.


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