LinkedIn Workshop.

Right now we are facing tough times. What we need is a new audience who can afford to pay you – this workshop will show you how to attract professionals with a disposable income.

Clients are cancelling left, right and centre. Online classes are dwindling. Everybody is tightening their belts and struggling to pay their bills.

So how do we continue to sell?

We have to get smart about who and how we target clients.

Facebook and Instagram are full of people who want everything for free or really cheap. Plus the demographic is getting older by the day and the youngsters aren’t on those platforms any more and you have to think about future business.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a group of people interested in you and your services who can easily afford your top end products?

Right now, I’m advising all my clients to up their game on LinkedIn, and you know what? It’s working. Some of them are getting incredible results with corporate clients and individuals who don’t think twice about the price, they just want the results.

Not only that, but lots of companies have been given huge wellness budgets to look after their staff and so there is a huge pot of money waiting to be spent. And you could be the person who helps them out by delivering great training to their workforce.

In this 60 minute workshop I’ll teach you how to optimise your LinkedIn Profile and how to land corporate clients and individuals.


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Is this you? Be honest.

You’re so sick of social media you can’t even bear to be on it anymore and when you do go on you feel your anxiety rising by the time you’ve hit the third picture.

Everybody else seems to be living their best life while you are struggling to put petrol in your car some days.

All those posts you used to do to get clients get three likes at most and people tell you they don’t see you on the platforms anymore. Thanks algorithm.

You may as well not bother. You’re spending ages filming videos for TikTok and Reels and sometimes you get views but mostly, it’s the same old people and none of them ever buy from you, so why do they keep looking?

There must be a better way?


Don’t worry, there is. 

I’ve been a professional communicator for over 30 years now as a business coach, journalist, broadcaster, screenwriter and blogger and I’m sharing all of my experience with you.

In this 60 minute training I’m going to show you:-

1: How to up your game with your profile, bringing it bang up to date and using the latest technology available.

2: I’ll show you how to be found and be visible on the Platform.

3: How to create content that won’t take all your time and effort.

4: How to use Power Words that speak directly to your audience and what you should have in your bio. 

5: How video can help you stand out on your page.

6: And the ONE STRATEGY my clients are doing to get £££££ into their bank account using this simple platfrom




When: It’s happening on Wednesday 16th November at 7pm (it will be recorded and available for one week)

Where: Online via Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world.





What Will I Learn?

You will learn how to optimise your LinkedIn account by doing some funky tricks that I will share with you (not many people know about all of these).

Everything I teach is easy and simple. Some of the tasks can be done in two mins.

You will have a plan going forwards that will attrract new clients to YOU and your business and help you to grow your bank balance.

Your investment is £39 and the sky is the limit on your return – are you in?




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