Are you a Big Dreamer? Do you crave adventure?

Are you a one woman/one man band running your own business AND trying to do everything else as well?


Welcome to the club. And welcome to the opportunity of shaking thing up a little bit this year and joining me on a Mastermind in Malaga. How exciting is that?!

Also you might be thinking, what the hell is that if you’ve never done one before. I love a Mastermind but I love to shake them up and do things a little differently too. So ordinarily a group of people get together and we all bring a problem to the table. And we will do that – with a difference.

So this year my hashtag or theme for the year is #words and so I want your “problem that you bring to the table” to be about words. It could be sales copy that isn’t converting, it might be that you’re not connecting with your audience, maybe you have lost your way and don’t even know what to talk about anymore.


meet us in Marbella

I’ll teach you how to theme your content so your message always gets through with my avant garde style of persona branding.

I’ll show you how to use language that invites a sale rather than hits your prospect over the head with it.

I’ll share the formula I use in my own blogs to make sure people read your content and open your emails every time you send one out. In fact, they look forward to getting them.

If you feel isolated and stuck, if you are unsure which direction to head in next, if you just want to sound ideas out to a friendly crowd who will challenge you as well as listen to you.

If you feel like you’re the only one “not getting it”.

Then you deserve to take some well deserved time out – so that you can get out of your own way and let me and the other guys around the table help and support you move your business forwards in 2019.

You will gain clarity and confidence during this Mastermind Day as well as an expert to guide you with your writing for a  fraction of the cost you would have to pay for a copywriter or branding expert.

You may be surprised to learn more from other people’s questions rather than your own but we all win in that situation and you will have lots of ideas to play with now and in the future.
This is not one of those events where you go home with a long to-do list. Oh no, we’re gonna do a lot of the fun exercises right there and then and start using the word play I teach you.

You’re going to make strong connections with the other men and women in the group and this is just the beginning, who knows where it will lead.

*Total price £299 does not include flights or accommodation. Payments are non-refundable.

You may or may not have heard that I’m moving to Malaga for a few weeks but it’s NOT a holiday. I am living my “ordinary” dream life and working as normal with clients. I’ve created my dream life and built my business around my life so that I can work from anywhere..

I also love to encourage other people to live their dream lives and to explore a little, not only the world but what you are capable of and what you can achieve when you set your mind to it, especially when we get our heads together and come up with ideas right?

And so once I’d booked my flights this week I just knew I was going to be inviting some of you guys to JOIN ME. Are you one of them? Do you fancy coming over to hang with me and three other AMAZING people on this Mastermind weekend.

Here’s how it will play out. The Mastermind Day is happening on Saturday March 23rd but we’ll meet for drinks on the Friday night to say hello and connect.

On the Saturday we’ll get together at a lovely outdoor venue around 9.30am for our first session. We’ll take a break for a  tapas lunch which will be included before we start the afternoon session.

The work we do will be mind-blowing and enlightening and so we don’t want to rush this day. We’re hanging out soaking up the Malaga sun and chilling.


When we feel like we’re done then we’ll chill some more with a Mocktail for me and you can enjoy one too or have the real thing.

There’ll be lots of chat and laughter along the way but hopefully a lot of clarity and brand new ideas too.

I teach branding and marketing in a very different way to the norm using my journalistic and screenwriting background so this is likely to be very different to anything you’ve done before. Which is great because it means you are going to be very different to all of your competitors out there.

Now once the work is done I’m not gonna leave you hanging for the rest of the night, for anyone who wants to, we can go and get changed and then meet up in the evening to share a meal and talk about the things we learnt that day, carry on the conversation under the orange trees in the lovely warm air and talk about life and all it has to offer.


You’re going to make strong connections with the other guys in the group and this is just the beginning, who knows where it will lead.

Malaga Mastermind

Meet on the Friday for drinks, Mastermind and aha moments on the Saturday and chill out in the evening.

*Total price £299 does not include flights or evening meal.Payments are non-refundable.

How much & when? 

The Mastermind takes place on March 23rd and the cost is £299 including lunch.

[Price does not including flights or evening meals out in local restaurants]

We have just FOUR places available and it will be first come, first served.

There are lots of flights available to Malaga from Ryanair, Jet2, Tui Flights and other airlines.

It’s going to be a lovely weekend with lots of clarity and fresh ideas with plenty of time to chillax too and enjoy some downtime in the Malaga sunshine.


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