My Media Project

A 6-Week Media Project to help you raise your profile and your profits by becoming the go-to expert.

Get recognition for the superstar you are!


Is this you? And be honest with me okay? You post great free content on social media each day and the same people hit like, sometimes your mum joins in, but nobody is investing in your products or courses?

You know you’re the best right now at what you do. You have all this knowledge and you can change lives, all you need to do is get noticed and raise your profile. But right now it feels like most of the people don’t even know you exist.

You’re probably spending hours upon hours dredging up numbers from Facebook Ads, spending hundreds of pounds every month on soemething that used to be so easy and used to work instantly. You feel like you’re losing a grasp on the monster that is social media. You’re running faster and harder than ever before but you’re not moving forwards, if anything you’re getting left behind and you’re no longer in the race.

The media landscape has changed my friend, beyond recognition. But there is another way. A different way. A tried and tested. Back to old school kind of way that is a lot less treacherous, costs you nothing and can see you reaping the rewards for years.



I’m talking all about traditional media. 

Do you think Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk and Mark Zuckerberg don’t have PR firms all chasing press opportunites for them. Of course they do. They love to be on the front cover of Entrepreneur Magazine or featured in the New York Times because they know the power of the press.

It gives you kudos you cannot buy. It makes you more attractive than anyone else. Certainly more attractive than your competitor who never gets in the press and wonders how you’re doing it. It also attracts an audience to you which is the easiest way to sell.

In this brand new 6 week program I’m going to show you how to become your own PR company for yourself and your business.

During our one hour weekly call I will hold your hand and share my insider knowledge with you while we do the work there and then. No getting cold feet after the call, no saying you’ll do it later. We have a deadline and you will meet it.

I’ll share templates and I’ll be on hand to check over your work. Think of me as your own Media Company for the next 6 weeks while we do this project together.



The six weekly projects

Your Story

The first thing we’ll do is examine what makes a good story and, more importantly, what doesn’t. We’ll extract your stories from you, even if you think you don’t have one to tell. Trust me, you have lots.


Your Contacts

During the second week we will be coming up with a contact list of all the media where you would like to be featured. We’ll also be getting you on the expert’s contact list with your local media. I’ll teach you what to say and how to approach those journalists so you are the first person they think of when they need a quote.

Press Release

We are writing a press release together. I’ll give you my formula and template and walk you through it. You will then upload them to our Facebook Group where I will run my editor’s eye over them and make sure they are ready to go before we hit send.

Editor’s Notes & Bio

This is the difference between a professional press release and am amateur one. This is the difference between being in the slush pile and making it to the top of the editor’s pile. I’ll teach you what to put in this mini bio section so that you add to the story and give them the all important headlines. We’ll also be creating bio’s for your social media and your website.


In this section I will teach you how to network with journalists and, more importantly, how to stay on their radar so they think about you when they need a quote or a feature and how getting in with the right reporters can see you featured again and again in the media.

Follow Up

They say the money is in the follow up and the same is true when it comes to getting published. Also I’ll teach you how to repurpose your content once it’s been in the press to attract even more clients to you for years to come. You can live off one piece of the press for a lifetime.



My Media Project

Every week we get you nearer to the spotlight, the go-to expert status that you so richly deserve. What you learn in these live workshops will serve you for a lifetime.

My Media Project

My Media Project is designed for anyone who wants to raise their profile and their profits.

It’s a 6 Week Program for those of us who see the value in PR for ourselves and our businesss but we’re not sure how to get it.

I’ll help you stay accountable each week and take action


You’ll message me weekly

Group Call

Where we get the work done


Writer and thought leader

“Working with Yvonne has led to endless adventures and possibilities. The biggest one being that I’m about to have my first baby. Yvonne helps you believe that you can achieve anything and helps you realise your goals, I was in the press as the Milk Tray Woman and I’ve riden all the way to Paris on a bike. But this latest advenure is the biggest one of all. I can’t wait to be a mum.”

Marita Moore

Lotus Fitness Academy

“Since working with YvonneI have filled up all my classes, been featured in the national press as a fitness expert and have created an online programme. I’ve also launched a yoga fusion program and held a retreat in the Spanish hills. Working with Yvonne has given me the inspiration and confidence I needed and it’s so exciting to see my company flourish.”

Karen Austin

Topaz Fitness Academy

Who Is This For?

My Media Project is for anyone who has a lot to give to this world but is struggling to get their message out there.

You’re not imagining it. It is harder and harder to be visible in this saturated social media market.

This is for you if you have lost your way, or are tired of going round in circles.

This is for you if you see the value in getting printed in natioanl magazines and can see the opportunities that could bring. If you can hear your voice on the BBC and would love to speak with the same authority on stage at big events.

This is for you if want a bigger audience, to grow your profits, to get your message out there.

You don’t have to be good at writing or speaking, I’ll show you how to get publicity being authentically you.

My Media Project

You are in safe hands. I’ve been writing for 30 years at local and national level and online. We’ll be working together on this project and I’ll be showing you how you can show up even if you don’t think it’s possible, trust me, it is. There are more stories inside of you than you could possibly know and I’m going to wave my magic wand and help you spill them onto paper.

My teaching style is fun but I love a deadline and I expect the work to be done. There’s no point signing up and then not doing any of it. And it’s scary I know. But when I share some of my stories with you you’ll realise journalists are just like you and me. They just want to help you get your message out and share a good story too.


I’m Yvonne Radley – a  writer and journalist for the past 30 years. I have worked for the national and local press, national magazines, local and national radio and a small amount of TV and so I have a lot of insights I can share with you. Give you the inside scoop on the industry and what they’re really looking for.

I started out as a rookie reporter on my local newspaper, The Loughborough Echo and was quickly headhunted by the national press. I’ve been an Editor and Feature Writer. I’ve pretty much done it all.

For the past decade I have been teaching social and traditional media and this year I’m focusing more on the press side with books, blogs, newspapers and magazines.

It’s an ever evolving world and I strongly believe there is a need to go back to basics. Those tried and tested mediums that worked in the past and are working again in this bright new future.

I’ve created this BRAND NEW 6 Week  program to help peole like you to nail your marketing and to stand out from the growing crowd.




My Media Project

 Limited number of places.

My Media Project

£97 for the six week project

Facebook Support Group

Weekly Zoom Call

Join My Media Project Today

We start making you a star on April 7th 2020

Yvonne’s worked as a journalist and blogger for 30 years, she’s currently writing her debut novel. She’s known as a thought leader with her programs and is about to change the game again in the next decade.


Will this work for me?

It will if you do the work. You need to show up for yourself and the group but don’t worry we’re not asking for a lot of time. It’s an hour long group call that will be recorded each week and you have to message Yvonne every week to stay accountable.

What kind of peope belong to The Group?

This group is for entrepreneurs, one man bands, solopreneurs, any kind of preneur who would like to raise their profile by getting in the media. You don’t have to be a good writer, you probably haven’t got a PR agency or marketing team. You are looking for something different to social media to bag you some new clients and a whole new audience.

What included in The Group membership?

Weekly Calls and guidance. Hands on workshops where we do the work there and then.

I’ll be holding you accountable.

And you’ll leave with an Action Plan going forwards.



Do I have time for this?

It depends how much you value yourself. Can you spare one hour a week to work on yourself and your business by becoming the go-to expert? What you learn will serve you a lifetime and the results you can get from it can be worth thousands of pounds in extra revenue by attracting new customers to work with you.

Can I cancel any time?

Payment is upfront and so once you are in you are locked in for the 6 weeks. If you get ill you can suspend your membership and start again at a later stage. If you get to the end of the 6 weeks and are not satisfied you can get a full refund providing you turned up for the calls and you can prove that you did the work.

When are the weekly calls and what if I miss them?

Weekly calls happen on Tuesdays at 7pm They will be recorded for anyone who can’t make it live on the call.

When does the course start?

We start on Tuesday april 7th 2020


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