Monday Club

Mondays at 11am, we get together and post strategic content on social media getting rid of overwhelm and saving heaps of time

What is Monday Club about?

I’m really excited to announce a brand new group coming to the Big Me Up Media Family – Monday Club.
I think you’re going to like it.
I’ve been hearing a lot just lately about how tired people are with social media, they’re burned out with it, find it a waste of time and have lost track of what they should be posting and where and when. It’s all got overwhelming and is no fun anymore.
In Monday Club – starting on Monday, November 1st at 11am – we are going to put the F.U.N back into social media.
During our hour together (on Zoom) I will show you how to get strategic with your posts so that you get results. I’m also going to help you CUT down your screen time and get the job done much faster so you’re not wasting hours on there. And we are doing the work together. During your hour you will post something strategic or schedule your posts for later in the week.
I will also be teaching you something crucial about each of the social media platforms every week to help you get your socials up to speed, especially those you scratch your head at and don’t really understand like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. I’ll show you how to get savvy on those too and talk to a whole new audience.
So if you want to
  • Stop overwhelm so you stop panicking
  • Save time so you can spend it doing the things you actually love doing
  • Get results with your social media posts and start increasing that bank balance
  • Get strategic with your posts so you get real results
  • Bring all your socials up to date so you don’t feel left behind
  • Tweak your bios so you drive your message home
  • Join our Facebook community for lots of chat and support
  • Get support so you don’t feel so alone
  • Learn all the latest thinking so you feel confident going forwards


Then join our live Monday Club for the next 12 weeks, starting on Monday, Nov 1st. It’s time to get organised and finish the year on a high and go into 2022 with renewed confidence. The cost is £25/month. (Sessions will be recorded for those who can’t make it live)
Sign up now and you’ll get a link directing you to our new Facebook community where you can introduce yourself and tell us what you do and what you want help with.

I’ll help you stay accountable each week and take action


Support in our Facebook group

Group Call

Every Monday at 11am


Writer and thought leader

“Working with Yvonne has led to endless adventures and possibilities. The biggest one being that I’m about to have my first baby. Yvonne helps you believe that you can achieve anything and helps you realise your goals, I was in the press as the Milk Tray Woman and I’ve riden all the way to Paris on a bike. But this latest advenure is the biggest one of all. I can’t wait to be a mum.”

Marita Moore

Lotus Fitness Academy

“Since working with YvonneI have filled up all my classes, been featured in the national press as a fitness expert and have created an online programme. I’ve also launched a yoga fusion program and held a retreat in the Spanish hills. Working with Yvonne has given me the inspiration and confidence I needed and it’s so exciting to see my company flourish.”

Karen Austin

Topaz Fitness Academy

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 Save time on social media and get strategic

Monthly Membership

£25/month for the 12 week course

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