BIG Me Up Press Club is a Monthly Done For You Press Release – all you have to do is fill in the blanks and send it off.


We even help you do that with help in our Facebook Group.

In fact, one of my clients has been so successful with this product she has increased her profit margin by £32,000 last year and celebrated with a BIG trip to Bloomingdales in New York.

You see, every time she gets printed in her local paper she gets 3 new customers – now what would that do for your annual revenue?

The Press Release is aimed at your local newspapers, radio stations and magazines and is a generic health and well-being news item that we feel has the best chance of getting you published.

This is for those of you who aren’t ready yet for my coaching programme or maybe you don’t have time. All you want is a done-for-you press release every month that you can send out.

You’ve probably tried sending stuff in yourselves in the past but what you send in never sees the light of day. “Why did I bother wasting my time?” you think. Eventually you just give up, it takes up so much time that you don’t have and never gets you any results and anyway who needs publicity right? No-one is getting in the paper. But things are changing, more and more fit pro’s are getting savvy and outsourcing it or learning from the pro’s how to do it. Your rivals will be getting publicity this year and you could get left out in the cold.

My Big Me Up Coaching step is the biggest one you can take but if you are short on time or you just don’t want to be bothered this is genius. You also get access to the Big Me Up Monthly Facebook group where you can share ideas with other fit pros and chat with others about your media exposure.

After 25 years working in the media I know the perfect format for setting out your press release which is more likely to get yours to the top of the pile and I write it up for you – all you have to do is fill in the blanks, it couldn’t be easier.

The press releases will feature special fitness weeks or highlight fitness days coming up, national news and events that we can ride on the back of, and of course articles for keeping the kids busy during half term, articles about big races like Race for Life and Men’s Health. Anything and everything that I think will get you exposure THAT month.

So if you think you’re ready to put yourself out there and start raising your media profile then let’s do this together every month for just £12.97/month and you can quit any time.

I can’t make no guarantees, but I do guarantee you this much,  if you stick to the press release format and you send them out for the next year, you will get publicity within your community, if not you get a full refund.

Join me and the other guys now by clicking the button and we’ll see you in the Facebook Group.

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