Dream Life Academy Pop Up Group

 Starts February 24th

A 3 day Pop Up Group that let’s you discover your Cast of Characters that will help you show up and sell more.

Learn how to speak to your audience like never before, so they hang on your every word and can’t wait to sign up for your offerings…


Okay here’s the deal. I am here to help you to write a new script for your marketing in my pop up group starting on Monday 24th Feb when we get together for a live training session to discover your character. On the Tuesday we have a second session where we go through a workbook showing you how you can use your character to market yourself like never before and on the third session it’s a Q&A to answer any of those questions that may come up.

Don’t worry you don’t have to be a good writer to do it. We’re more about the cast of characters.

This training comes from my 30 year’s industry background as a screenwriter, journalist and writer. This is going to be very different from anything you’ve learnt before.

Up until now I’ve only ever taught this inside Dream Life Academy OR at my live launch events and it blows people away every time.


It’s not about all those usual things we talk about when it comes to making sales like:-

Sales funnels – Showing the benefits not the features – Creating scarcity – Adding a call to action.

Because we are selling in a different way. Once you’ve learnt this creative technique you will have it forever and it works like magic. It’s like having a magic wand in your pocket and we could all do with one of those right?

Join me in this three day workshop where I’ll pull back the curtain on how to speak to your audience and win them over without even putting pen to paper.


Which Character Will You Be?

The Hero

Probably the most well known character when it comes to marketing. It’s their job to overcome obstacles and reach the end goal but there’s so much more to it than that as you’ll discover.

Regular Guy

Also known as the boy or girl next door. We find these characters in movies all the time. They’re friendly and fun, they can be trusted. Discover why it’s easy for them to sell to people.


The nurturer was born for the fitness, health and wellness world because they care and want to help but you always need a yin to your yang and there are many forms of nurturer.


These are the ones who break all the rules, who go against the grain, who show up in an entirely different way to everyone else. But who is their counterpart? Because it’s not enough being rebellious.


This is the very moment the penny dropped for Simon Hall two years ago and he could see his brand for Nourish Life as clear as day. Since then he’s got clear on his messaging, launched his business and started a global movement with his Nourish Life Podcast.



Marita used this special way of branding herself to go from training a few people in her local park to five different boot camp sites. She also works a lot with MIND telling her own story and inspiring other young women.


Pamela used this type of branding to show up on Instagram and became a bit of an influencer, people were tuning in to see her dancing and singing in her car. She became real to them and they connected with her.



When Mairi learnt this style of branding it changed everything. She has flown this year and she has real clarity and purpose with her business. She has a very unique character and lights up on social media now.

Dream Life Academy Pop Up Group

Discover your characters and how you can use them to communicate faster with your audience.

A 3 day pop up group where I take you through some deep dive training that I’ve only ever taught inside Dream Life Academy or my Live Launch Events, until now…..

Social media is saturated, this training will help you shine again


Who will you be?

Group Call

Join me for 3 live sessions


Writer and thought leader

Dream Life Academy Pop Up Group

 Starts February 24th

I’m Yvonne Radley – a writer, screenwriter and journalist for more than 30 years.

You’ve probably heard of the Hero’s journey and you may have even used it in your marketing over the years. But there’s eleven other characters you can play with to help you show up in this world and connect with an audience.

Want to play?

I use my screenwriting and writing background to take you through this training to help you appear on screen, on paper, in person, in a totally different way. Even if you don’t like showing up and prefer to stay in the background. In fact this is perfect for you if you’re a little shy.

In this 3 day pop up group I’m going to show you how different persona’s can change your world and your business. It’s a magical thing and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Selling will be easy peasey from this point on.

So sign up and meet me behind the curtain in our private little pop up group where I’ll teach you how to be centre stage with very little effort and be the superstar you know you are.





Join The Pop Up Group

Learn a different way to get seen and sell

Yvonne’s worked as a journalist for 30 years, she’s currently writing her debut novel. She’s known as a thought leader with her programs and is about to change the game again in the next decade.


Will this work for me?

It’s worked for everyone who has done the training so far so it will work for your too.

What kind of people belong to The Pop Up Group?

This group is for anyone looking to grow their small business, make more sales in a non sleazy way, and show up again on social media.

What’s included in The Pop Up Group?

Three daily calls about an hour each from Feb 24-26th.




Do I have time for this?

If you want to make more sales and grow your business then this is a small amount of time to take out of your weekly schedule and what you learn will save you heaps of time and money in the future. All 3 sessions will be recorded and posted in the Pop Up Group.

Will you try and sell something to me?

Yes of course and I’m upfront about that. I am sharing this training with you for free so that you can see the value I can bring to your business and the immense changes you can make with just one lesson. I’m here to make a difference to your life and I hope that you will invest in my Dream Life Academy but don’t worry if the time isn’t right for you there’s no pressure.

When are the calls and what if I miss them?

The calls are all at 7pm on 24th, 25th and 26th February and will be recorded and posted in the group in case you miss them. The group will be up for one week and will be closed down on Monday 2nd March when doors will close on the Academy.

When does the Dream Life Academy start?

You work at your own pace but the material will be available to you as soon as you join.


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