Learn how to create your own hub on substack.

How would you like a space online where there is no algorithm getting in the way?

Your community see what you write every week AND you have a huge discussion around it?

A place where you own your own email list and no-one can close your site down overnight so you lose your entire business?

Sounds like heaven doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not quite heaven, but it’s close. It’s where I’ve been hanging out for the past couple of years and where I intend to take my business in the future.

People are leaving Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in droves, especially now they’re changing the business model to a subscription one where you have to pay for basic data security features!!

So what is this new space that I keep raving about?

It’s called Substack and you may, or may not, already be aware of it. You may even subscribe to some communities already. And if not, prepare for a whole new world to open up to you.

It’s basically your own Publishing House where you can house your community and your work. Think of it as a hub. You can run courses, write articles, have discussion threads, your very own podcast. It’s all done online but there’s nothing stopping you and your members meeting up in the real world too.

It’s such a cool place to be and I love it. I’m a member of quite a few writing groups and it’s great to be surrounded by people interested in the same things as me. We talk about books and jump on courses and basically hang out and all for the price of a magazine subscription.


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New Workshop for you

In this very latest workshop happening on Zoom this Sunday, March 5th from 10-11.30am I am going to walk you through the creative ideas of what your Substack Space could be and how to increase your followers and your income – all the while spreading the love with all that you do!

We’ll brainstorm ideas about what YOU should be offering your community to get them excited about being a part of it.

I’ll tell you how Substack works and how some people are attracting big followings and a big monthly wage on top!

I’ll share top tips on how to get people to sign up with you and how to network using the platform.

We’ll talk about which articles you give away for free and which you put behind a paywall.

We’ll even brainstorm what to call yourself (I have insight on that too).

We’ll talk about what to charge and how to ask for donations.

It’s a new and exciting space and I can’t wait to share it with you.

So if you’re ready to explore something new and interesting for yourself and your growing community then come and join me on Sunday morning and let’s get the ball rolling.

Running a business online has become such a slog – let’s put the happiness back into it.



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