In a hurry to accelerate your business growth so you get the fame, clients, and lifestyle you crave?

You’ll love my private Big Me Up VIP Intensive!

This is for you if…


  • You’re ready to make your fitness, health or wellness business more profitable.
  • You want to work less hard to get clients and you are craving more time with family and friends.
  • You want answers now, not over several weeks or months.
  • You’re the type of person who learns best and grows fastest with private mentoring versus a group program.
  • You know that investing in your business is the fastest (and easiest) path to major growth.


A Truly Bespoke Experience


The VIP Intensive is designed completely around your business.  Nothing cookie-cutter here!


Here’s how we will do that….


Part 1:  Pre-VIP Intensive assessment.


This will get us clear on exactly what we need to work on and how we’ll transform your business.  We’ll jump on a call together to find out where you’re at now and where you want to be.


We’ll look at 


  • your ideal clients
  • your goals
  • your current plans and what must change
  • the type of lifestyle you want




Part 2:  Meet in person or via Skype for 6 hours to dig deep into your business dreams, challenges, and social media presence.


We’ll revisit on your responses to your pre-VIP day assessment and create strategies to make them come to life.  This could include an in-depth look at your communication in your business and help you with any of the following:




  • How to be a brilliant Blogger
  • How to create an online business
  • How to get into newspapers
  • How to nail Emailing Marketing
  • How to write Auto-responders that sell
  • How to get into Magazines
  • How to get on Radio
  • How to create awesome website copy
  • How to write great Sales Copy


I am here to help you connect with your customers. 


At the end of the day, we’ll brainstorm what you need to do next and your new goals for the future.


You’ll also get these two wonderful bonuses


  • A gift bag with a special item that will remind you that you are already a star.
  • Your own notebook to take notes together and capture your awesome ideas.


VIP Days are limited and I’m only offering 4 on Black Friday so click here to secure yours and let’s plan 2019 together.







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Jumpstart your path to media stardom by taking this 30-day challenge

(templates, articles, videos, and tons of resources await!)


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